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Hogwarts- Ground Floor



The Ground Floor Map of Hogwarts-Castle.

Dungeon Level 1
1st Floor
:See an animation of all the layers of Hogwarts:


This 10 layered map of hogwarts is based mostly upon the movie versions of the castle, with afew adjustments. Then the inside of the castle is set out as accurately as possible according to the books. So it is a mixture of both sources with abit of imagination thown in to.
This Map took many hours to research, plan and draw, so it would be appreciated if you did not take these images and use them anywhere else outside this club without asking permission first. thankyou.

This Map is a creation of: =Kinky-chichi
Hogwarts (c) JK. Rowling.
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Lovely works. Would you mind if I borrow this to try to make a map out of it on