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Tut: Resined Domino Pendant

An introduction to making resined collaged domino pendants. (Apologies for the huge file, but it's quite a lengthy process.)

This tutorial is fairly basic - there's a lot more you can do. The collages can be quite complex, and you can also embed small items (buttons, watchparts etc) in the resin. But this should get you started!

Lots of domino pendants in my gallery, if you're interested.

I'm happy to answer any queries about parts of the process that aren't clear.

Resin, pendant bails and E6000 glue are available from many suppliers on etsy ~ [link] if you're battling to find them locally.
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<3 <3 <3
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TUTORIAL! :D It looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to try it! So awesome!
hogret's avatar
Let me know how it goes ...
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Lovely tutorial, I'll probably try this out :)

Are there any types of paper that work especially well for this?
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I have used ordinary printing paper (must be laser jet prints, because inkjet ones bleed), scrapbook paper, pages from old books, washi paper - experiment and have fun!
avianblue's avatar
Thanks so much! :D
WordsAreMyWeakness's avatar
Trying this soon.
About to head to the craft store and pick up what I lack.
I'll let you know how it goes. <3
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Oh yeah. Have fun! If your craft store is clueless you can try etsy [link]
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I think I found everything I need. I'll be giving it all a go here in a little bit.

The only thing I'm really nervous about is mixing the resin.
I bought the resin and the other stuff separately... and only noticed AFTER that the other stuff says that it only works with a specific type of resin - and my kind doesn't say whether it's that kind or not. So... we'll see. <3
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Thank you very much for this tutorial :)
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I was given a small domino necklace a few days ago. :)
It was hand painted and beautiful, however they didn't seal it with now it's rubbing off. :(
[I've sprayed it with acrylic sealer, but I must wonder why the artist didn't do it?!]
Anyways, I think this is an awesome process and the next time I go to an antique shop I'm going to look for dominoes and try this out. :D
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You really do need to seal the surface - either with Diamond Glaze or another acrylic sealer. Resin is great because it's waterproof. Have fun making some! (You can even use ordinary modern dominoes from toyshops).
Cisleen's avatar
Yeah, I would have thought glazing it would be a no brain-er, but I suppose not. lol
If I can find the ivory-ish kind in a toyshop, definitely...I just enjoy the aged look to dominoes I guess.
pixelwings's avatar
Oooh, I can hardly wait to get started!
You have no idea how grateful I am to find your tutorial. I'm pretty capable as a crafter, but I really wanted to know how someone else did it . . . you know, why reinvent the wheel? Thanks again, so very much.
hogret's avatar
Enjoy! Let me know if you post any pictures of your experiments with the technique - would love to see what you do with it.
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Great tutorial; going to have to give it a go some time! :D
I love this tutuial, but having trouble doing it. I would love to find out what arcylic meduim gel you used ( I cant read it in the pic) and what kind of paper. Is photo paper best? Thanks so much for sharing. Yours is the best that I have seen .....
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Photopaper is probably too thick and glossy - I print out colour pictures on ordinary white paper (laserjet is best - inkjet prints tend to smear when you apply gel medium). I also use patterned Japanese washi paper and that works well too.

Any kind of acrylic gel medium would work - I just buy the cheapest pot of it that I can find at my local art shop. Decoupage modge podge (sometimes just called Podge) also works fine.
melanierogers's avatar

Thanks for sharing this.

And where to buy, as there is ALWAYS the big question...

but, will you?

yomi-lein's avatar
awesome tutorial !
LoriVintage55's avatar
Thanks so much for this tutorial, I might give it a try sometime :)
Fusion-of-Fantasy's avatar
Thank you so much for this thorough and handy tutorial!
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This is wonderful. Taught me a lot I needed to know. Thank you! It's really clear and well-explained, with excellent photos.
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