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The Royal Perambulator PS Brush



In honour of the new Prince George Alexander Louis.

A set of 23 Photoshop (CS6) Brushes including a number of vintage baby carriages, coaches, cars, penny farthing and tandem bicycles, and other things with wheels.
All from public domain vintage engravings. 1528px to around 600px.

Now, we all are familiar with the standard conditions - please fav or comment, credit appropriately, link back, say please and thank you, and so on and so forth.
We also all know that this is most unnecessarily fatiguing, and frankly, Jeeves, we don't feel like it.
So - really - it would be so enormously civilised of you if you did all these things (and would, furthermore, demonstrate that your mother brought you up as befits a member of the royal family), but actually you are free to use these in any way that inspires you.
I would, however, be most extremely chuffed, old chap, if you would note me or comment here when you use the stock in a published piece.

I used a brush from this set here:

and here:

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These are awesome Thank you