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Phrenology Photoshop Brushes



A couple of phrenology diagrams, and a palmistry chart.

Brushes made in Photoshop CS from vintage etchings and engravings.

I used one of them here: [link]

Now, we all are familiar with the standard conditions - please fav or comment, credit appropriately, link back, blah blah etc etc. And we also all know that this is like too much hassle, and we don't do it.

So - really - it would be so nice if you did all these things (and would, furthermore, demonstrate that your mother brought you up right), but actually you are free to use these in any way that inspires you. (You gonna do that anyway, right?)

I'd also really enjoy it if you note me or comment here when you use the stock in a published piece - I'd love to see your work.
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Thank you so much :-)