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Brushes: SteamPunk Bizarre

Not cogs and wheels and things - there are other brush sets here on dA that offer you those!

This is a set of 31 Photoshop brushes (ranging in size from 2270 px to 150 px) of bizarre contraptions, strange industrial revolution devices, vintage engineering diagrams, and some weird and quirky oddities. You're going to have to burrow around in the set to get a sense of what's available - there's even a Victorian urinal stashed away somewhere.

Now, we all are familiar with the standard conditions - please fav or comment, credit appropriately, link back, blah blah fishpaste. And we also all know that this is like too much hassle, and we don't do it.

So - really - it would be so nice if you did all these things (and would, furthermore, demonstrate that your mother brought you up right), but actually you are free to use these in any way that inspires you. (You gonna do that anyway, right?)

I'd also really enjoy it if you note me or comment here when you use the stock in a published piece - I'd love to see your work.
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thanks a lot.

I was looking for these, and didn't even realise new to digital art, well, new to taking it seriously, and have been trying out software and brushes all over the place...once I have the image I have in mind done, I will post a link and of course give credit for the brushes...


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thanks aaaaa lott

Thanks so much, these will be perfect for the effect I'm looking for! Much appreciate your time and effort to make this available for all.

Many thanks - very excited to play with these!

Thanks fabulous

Thank you so much for these they are fantastic

thank you <33

How do you download them plz?

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Thanks for the beautiful art and creativity!
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Thank you very much
Thank you. They are just gorgeous. Hope to use soon.
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These are wonderful! Can't wait to use them. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated and I will show you what I do. cheers x
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Used here, thank you sooooo much! Thiefs? My guys? by SlichoArt
very nice. bravo
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These are awesome. Thank you for sharing them!!
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Those are beautiful!
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