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Several helpful mmd_tools tutorials are now in the mmd_tools github wiki.

Links to mmd_tools Tutorials…

How to install the mmd_tools Blender add-on…

MMD Tools Shared Toon Texture Folder…

MMD Tools List of Features (with brief tutorial information for each feature)…

Tutorial: How to convert BVH to VMD…

1 MMD unit in real world units…

Tutorial: How to convert a 3D character model to MMD (using mmd_tools (powroupi fork) Blender add-on and mmd_tools_helper Blender add-on)…

Tutorial: mmd_tools model translation feature…

Guide to the mmd_tools Interface…

PMX error checker quick reference…

How to create and edit Material morphs, Group morphs, Bone morphs, UV morphs…

bones_renamer add-on:…

bones_renamer add-on direct download:…

This is a Blender add-on to do a mass renaming of bones from and to several types of standard armatures of 3D character models. It is intended to help save time in converting 3D character models and animations from one format to another. The supported armature types are:

MMD (MikuMikuDance) English
Blender Rigify (names of bones before the complete Rigify rig is generated)
Sims 2
Motion Builder
3ds Max
Bepu full body IK
MMD (MikuMikuDance) Japanese
MMD Japanese.L.R (bones renamed to add .L and .R suffixes using an import option of the Blender mmd_tools add-on)

After installing the add-on, its panel should appear at the  tab at the bottom left side of Blender's 3D view. 
There are 2 drop-down list menus for the source and destination bone maps. With the armature selected to be the active object, press the button to do a mass renaming of bones.

EDIT: The Bones Renamer operator is now part of mmd_tools_helper add-on:…
Mmd Tools Translation by Hogarth-MMD
You can automatically mass add English names to an MMD model using the mmd_tools Blender add-on (powroupi fork) and an additional translations.csv file. Here are the instructions:

1. After you have already installed the mmd_tools (powroupi fork) Blender add-on. download this MMD translations dictionary file:…

2. After unzipping this file (with 7-zip or Bandizip, for example), copy the translations.csv file into the mmd_tools folder, into the same directory where a file named is already located.

3. Import a .pmd or .pmx model into Blender. Click File, Import, MikuMikuDance model (.pmd .pmx).

4. In the mmd_tool panel (whose tab is on the left side of the 3D view), click on the Translation button. This causes a popup dialog box to appear.

5. In the Dictionary list menu, select translations.csv as the translation dictionary.

6. mmd_tools translation gives you the option to not translate a section of your model, but there is no advantage to that unless a section of your model is already well-translated. You can select or deselect a translation Type (Bones, Morphs, Materials, Display, Physics, Information) using Shift + LMB.

Leave the MMD Names option enabled. Otherwise you won't see any translated names in your model after you export it from Blender. The Blender Names option only translates names for viewing the translated names in Blender.

If you enable the "Use Morph Prefix" option, prefixes will be added to the English names of the morphs which are not vertex morphs (M_ for material morphs, B_ for bone pose morphs, UV_ for UV morphs, G_ for group morphs). This will allow you to easily see the morph type of a morph when you load the model into MMD.

If you enable "Overwrite", existing English names in the model may be overwritten with a new translation. Otherwise existing English names in the model will be preserved.

Enable "Allow Fails". This causes names to be partially translated, even if the translations.csv dictionary is not able to completely translate a name. The only reason to disallow incomplete translations would be for diagnostic purposes. If you do not enable "Allow Fails", a list of all of the untranslated names will be printed to a text file called "mmd_tools.translations.fails", which you can then find and view in the Blender text editor.

Click OK. English names will then be mass added onto your imported MMD model within several seconds or within a fraction of a second. Only the active model wil be translated. mmd_tools does not translated more than one model at a time.

7. You can then export this model from Blender with mmd_tools with all of its new English names of morphs, bones, display panel groups, physics, materials and model information. Click File, Export, MikuMikuDance model (.pmx) to export the model.

8. In addition to following the instructions above, you also have an option to choose a custom folder in which to store an mmd_tools translation dictionary .csv file. Click User Preferences, Add-ons, Object, mmd_tools to see the mmd_tools Preferences panel. There you can choose your own custom Dictionary Folder where you translations csv file is located, instead of using the default folder.

9. If you use your own custom translations .csv dictionary file, it must have the unicode utf-8 text encoding.

Mmd Tools Shared Toon Texture Folder by Hogarth-MMD
Converting BVH animations to VMD animations can be a bit complicated, and you will need some patience and perseverance to succeed with it. There are several issues which can give you problems in making this conversion. Here is the information which I have about these problems and how to solve them, followed by step-by-step instructions for converting BVH to VMD:


1. The Blender BVH importer has a bug. If you try to import a BVH file which has Japanese bone names, it won't import into Blender, and you will get an error message. This simple bug fix will work if your BVH file is a unicode utf-8 text file:

Open this file (from the Blender program folder) in a text editor, such as Notepad++:

Change line 97 from:
file = open(file_path, 'rU')

file = open(file_path, 'rU', encoding = 'utf-8')

2. The X,Y,Z axes and + and - directions of bone rotations may not be defined in the same way in a BVH file as they are defined in an MMD model.
When you import a BVH animation into Blender, an "Import BVH" options panel appears at the lower left. Try the default options (-Z forward, Y up). If that doesn't give you a correct-looking animation, then you need to experiment with these 2 import options until you find the option which works. If you are converting a DAZ/Poser BVH to VMD, you do not need to change these 2 options away from their default values.

3. The scale(size) of the armature in a BVH file may be different from the scale of the armature of an MMD model.
When you import a BVH animation into Blender, an "Import BVH" options panel appears at the lower left. In Blender's Import BVH options panel, beside the word "Scale", input the Scale that you want. The information on this page can give you some idea of how you may need to calculate the correct scaling for your imported BVH animation:…

When you convert a DAZ/Poser BVH animation to VMD, you can input 1/7 as the Scale value and 1/7 is an adequate approximation. Blender automaticallly converts an inputted fraction to a decimal number.

4. A BVH animation may have a different frame rate than the normal frame rete of a VMD animation, which is 30 FPS (30 frames per second). Before you import a BVH animation into Blender, set the frame rate of your scene to 30 FPS (under the Render tab of Blender's Properties Window.)
When you import a BVH animation into Blender, an "Import BVH" options panel appears at the lower left. In Blender's Import BVH options panel, enable the ScaleFPS option.

5. You need the names of bones in your BVH armature animation to be the same as the names of the bones in the character who you are trying to animate. So if you want to animate MMD characters, you will need to rename the bones from your BVH animation to MMD Japanese bone names.
Here is the download link to my bones renaming Blender add-on:…

My journal entry about this Bones renamer add-on is here:
Bones renamer add-on

6. The rest pose of the armature in a BVH animation may be different than the rest pose of an MMD model. In the rest pose of the armatures of most BVH files, the arms of the character are outstretched at a 90 degree angle from its body in a T-pose. The standard rest pose for an MMD armature is an A-pose, with the character's arms being rotated downwards at an approximately 45 degree angle.
Before you export the animation to VMD, you need to create an A-Pose. In the first frame of the animation, in Blender's pose mode, change the arms pose from a T-pose to an A-pose, by rotating the character's left arm 45 degrees, and rotating the character's right arm -45 degrees. When you export the animation to a VMD file, a panel of VMD export options appears on the bottom left side of Blender. Enable this VMD export option: "Treat Current Pose as Rest Pose".

7. A BVH animation will almost never animate MMD leg and foot IK bones. To solve that problem, you will need to turn off the IK of all 4 leg and foot IK bones of your character in MikuMikuDance. Import a .pmd or .pmx model into MikuMikuDance. Turn off the IK of all 4 leg and toe IK bones. Remember to click "Register" after turning off the IK of each bone. The controls for turning off the IK of a model are in the "model manipulation" area at the bottom left of MikuMikuDance.

8. The armature of a BVH animation may have a height above the ground in its rest pose which is different from the height above the ground of an MMD model in its rest pose. The best solution is to use a BVH animation in which the character's feet are on the ground in its rest pose. For example, the DAZ CMU "hip-corrected" BVH animations have the character's hip bone on the ground in its rest pose, which is bad. The DAZ CMU "hip-uncorrected" BVH animations are better for exporting to VMD because in them the character's feet are on the ground. You can check to see if the character's feet are on the ground in its rest pose in Blender by selecting the Armature and going into Edit mode. If you need to adjust the height of a character's animation in MikuMikuDance, you can do that by selecting edit(D), select all bone frame(N), edit(D), apply center position bias(B), input a change of the height(Y value) and then click OK.

9. The armature of a BVH file may have a bone for which there is no equivalent bone in an MMD model. Or an MMD model may have a bone for which there is no equivalent bone in the BVH armature. I don't know any quick, easy fix for this issue, so the resulting VMD animation may be only approximately the same as the BVH animation.

Converting BVH to VMD summary of steps:

1. Download Blender.
2. Download Blender mmd_tools add-on (powroupi fork).
3. Install Blender mmd_tools add-on (by copying the mmd_tools folder into Blender's scripts/add-ons folder, then enable it in Blender's User Preferences).
4. Import a BVH file into Blender. Select File, Import, Motion Capture(.bvh).
5. Choose the correct BVH import options (see issues 2,3,4 above).
6. In addition to these BVH import options:
Enable "Update Scene Duration".
Choose "Quaternion" as the rotation type, because VMD files use Quaternion rotation.
Do not change these options away from their default value:
Target Armature.
Update Scene FPS disabled.
Loop disabled.
Start Frame can be 0 or 1.
7. After importing the BVH animation, press '.' on the numpad of your computer keyboard to zoom the view onto the BVH armature.
8. Do a mass renaming of bone names to MMD Japanese bone names (see issue 5).
9. Create an A-Pose on your animation, if necessary(see issue 6 above). Export the VMD file from Blender with the mmd_tools add-on. Click File, Export, MikuMikuDance motion(.vmd). When you export the animation to a VMD file, a panel of VMD export options appears on the bottom left side of Blender. Enable this VMD export option: "Treat Current Pose as Rest Pose" (as explained in issue 6 above). Choose 1.0 as the Scale value. Navigate to where you want to save the exported .vmd file and click the "Export VMD file(.vmd)" button to save the .vmd file.
10. In MikuMikuDance, disable the IK for all 4 leg and foot IK bones (see issue 7 above).
11. Import the VMD file to a character in MikuMikuDance. You can mport the.vmd motion which you previously exported from Blender onto your model in MikuMikuDance and then play the animation. To import the vmd animation, either drag and drop it into MikuMikuDance or click File, Load Motion Data.
12. If you see the character floating and moving above the ground or beneath the ground, adjust the height of the animation (see issue 8 above).

You can download free BVH files here:

The CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) database of 2548 free BVH files:……

Truebones 500 free sample BVH files

Other tutorial links:

Download Blender:

If you are using Windows XP Download Blender 2.76:…
(or search for a tutorial about how to use the most recent version of Blender with Windows XP)

Blender reference manual English online:…

Blender reference manual English download:…

Download Blender MMD tools add-on (with bug fixes and feature-additions by powroupi):
Forked version of MMD tools by powroupi direct download from…
Forked version of MMD tools by powroupi Github page:…
Forked version of MMD tools by powroupi issues(bug reports):…
The MMD tools Blender add-on can now import and export .vpd (Vocaloid Pose Data) files.

@powroupi is the current developer of mmd_tools.
You can find lots of great bug fixes and additional features in the version of mmd_tools by @powroupi:

Bug-fixed and feature-enriched version of MMD tools by powroupi direct download from Github:…
MMD tools by powroupi Github page:…
MMD tools by powroupi issues(bug reports):…

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Penny6 Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, do you know which mmd_tool and meshIO works best with blender 2.79?
Hogarth-MMD Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
mmd_tools (powroupi fork) is definitely the best…

The only reason to use pymeshio now, I think, is for importing/exporting of .mqo models.
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Wait, what?? Only .mqo files? What happend to .pmd and .pmx?
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mmd_tools (powroupi fork) is better for import of pmd and pmx and better for export of pmx.
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thank you sooo much for all the info you post! it's very helpful, although I just started researching MMD. i'm wanting to do animations with VMD data with characters i've made in daz3d, so i wasn't sure where to start. i guess it's the opposite conversion of what you've explained in your posts, but still very helpful! thanks for all the hard work!!
Hogarth-MMD Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
I haven't tried to convert VMD to BVH, which is what you are wanting to do, I guess. I think that you can probably deduce how to do it pretty straight-forwardly after you know how to convert BVH to VMD. 
Hogarth-MMD Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
On second thought, there is a basic problem with converting VMD to BVH. VMD animations are animating MMD leg and foot IK bones, which don't exist in DAZ/Poser models. Hmmm...
Hogarth-MMD Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018
Someone suggested to me that Blender's BVH exporter might automatically convert the IK animation to an FK animation. I haven't tested that possibility yet. You can test that possibility and see what happens.
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