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What It Is To Burn 35
Chapter 35
"Are you sure you don't want an escort?" General Fong asked Aang, who had just set his bag down in Appa's saddle where Sokka, Katara, Yue, and Momo were waiting.
"We'll be fine," Aang replied, climbing onto Appa's head to take the reins. "It'll be easier to fly to Mount Shinsei on Appa than to travel through the mountains on foot."
The sky bison growled lightly to voice his agreement.
The general nodded up at the boy. "Good luck. I hope Avatar Roku is able to provide the guidance you need to get into the Avatar State."
"Thanks, I hope so too. See you all soon!" he called out to the general and his troops. "Yip yip!"
Seconds later, Appa was ascending to the sky. The sun was shining and there were only a few clouds; it was perfect weather for flying. The young airbender actually felt somewhat optimistic about this latest journey.
As the flight leveled out, Katara leaned over the front end of the saddle to talk to Aang. "I'm glad you decided to ask Roku about this, Aang,
:iconskywarrior108:SkyWarrior108 7 27
Golden Wolf Warrior - Prologue
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Azutara
Summary: What if The Fire Nation royal family was over thrown while Zuko and Azula were children. This is mostly Azula-centric. Eventually there will be Azutara.
It all happened so fast. Their beloved country had been betrayed, the royal family had fallen. What scared the Imperial Firebenders the most was that the coup was led by a general of the Fire Nation army. Why would the general betray his country and Fire Lord?
Many questions passed through all the crewmen's minds. But the biggest question was how their youngest passenger was coping with the tragic events. Everyone was concerned for the child because she was their princess.
The Fire Nation princess hadn't said a word since they'd left the Fire Nation heading southbound. If it weren't for the ship's captain, the princess would probably still be in her designated cabin.
A week had passed since the coup and they were starting to get low on supplies. The ship's capt
:iconagent-ayu:agent-ayu 26 28
AtLA: The Golden Wolf Warrior by agent-ayu AtLA: The Golden Wolf Warrior :iconagent-ayu:agent-ayu 85 43 A:tLA - Summer Solstice by agent-ayu A:tLA - Summer Solstice :iconagent-ayu:agent-ayu 61 46 TyZula - Auras and Flames by agent-ayu TyZula - Auras and Flames :iconagent-ayu:agent-ayu 48 18 GWW: Between Rage and Serenity by agent-ayu GWW: Between Rage and Serenity :iconagent-ayu:agent-ayu 48 19
What It Is To Burn 34
Chapter 34
The imperial firebenders led by Prince Zuko's captain came to a stop at the center of the small Earth Kingdom village. The villagers looked upon the men uneasily as their komodo rhinos snorted and pawed at the earth beneath them. Azula and Ty Lee were still off to the side of the road and had not been spotted. The girls watched, waiting to see what would happen.
"What do you want with us?" a stout man with shaggy black hair called out as he stepped in front of them, stomping his foot into the ground and levitating a rock in front of him.
The captain's eyes narrowed as he looked down his nose at the earthbender. "We're looking for fugitives. Have any visitors since last night?"
"No, there's been no one," he replied, his voice hard. "Now leave."
The captain knew it was entirely possible that the trail they had picked up could have belonged to someone else. Still, he had to be sure. No way these peasants would stick their necks out for Fire Nation citizens even if they w
:iconskywarrior108:SkyWarrior108 7 36
Military Dota: Rylai, Intel Analyst by WingBuffet Military Dota: Rylai, Intel Analyst :iconwingbuffet:WingBuffet 62 7 All's Fair in Love and War.. by Merinthos All's Fair in Love and War.. :iconmerinthos:Merinthos 530 41 Game time for Lash by Shyna2 Game time for Lash :iconshyna2:Shyna2 8 9 Advance Wars: ZH GLA COs by CarrionTrooper Advance Wars: ZH GLA COs :iconcarriontrooper:CarrionTrooper 91 39
What It Is To Burn 33
Chapter 33
It was almost dawn when Zuko's men arrived back at Wendu Harbor, soaked and empty-handed. They knew their prince would not be pleased, but they had lost Azula and Ty Lee's trail and were unable to pick it up again in the darkness and foul weather.
They arrived to find Prince Zuko waiting for them at the entrance to the port's town with several soldiers alongside him. He was obviously unhappy—arms folded across his chest and a frown on his face—when it was clear that his men had failed in their task.
"I thought I told you not to come back without the traitors," he growled at his captain as they approached.
"We were unable to stay on their trail with all the rain—"
"I don't want to hear your excuses!" he shouted, interrupting the man. "Take the komodo rhinos, get back out there, and find them!"
His captain gulped and bowed. "By your will, Prince Zuko."
Azula cracked her eyes open as the first rays of the sun trickled in through t
:iconskywarrior108:SkyWarrior108 9 17
Asami loves Korra: Lady Bending, part 1 by JakeRichmond Asami loves Korra: Lady Bending, part 1 :iconjakerichmond:JakeRichmond 246 38 Korrasmi Wedding Day by JakeRichmond Korrasmi Wedding Day :iconjakerichmond:JakeRichmond 576 76 jealous (korrasami) by JustiCmo jealous (korrasami) :iconjusticmo:JustiCmo 241 37 Korrasami blush by JakeRichmond Korrasami blush :iconjakerichmond:JakeRichmond 104 6


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