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Swords of Percy Jackson by Skiissa Swords of Percy Jackson :iconskiissa:Skiissa 11 3
Our Star Wars AU stories - A little guide
So, this journal will introduce our AU stories concerning our OCs with a few friends. Mostly, :iconslingblade87: :iconvizu: :iconbret13: You already could see examples of these AUs and because I still intend to upload more pics concerning them I thought about to write a little description about them so if you're interested in our characters and stories and are confused this might help a bit. I always mark in every artist comment that which AU the particular pic belongs to.
Imperial AU

In this AU Kahan, Aira-ty and Hanabi joined the Empire after the Clone Wars ended. Kahan now is one the most feared man in the Empire, the Grand Inquisitor. He even killed his best friend, Guo-Jia because she refused to join the inquisitors. Hanabi though she doesn't like the new order at all she follows her master and serves as an inquisitor and as Kahan's conscience till she dies eventually because of her good heart.
Aira-ty becomes the Commandant of
:iconrayn44:rayn44 17 54
The Little Jedi and the Good Trooper. by MidoriNoHonoo The Little Jedi and the Good Trooper. :iconmidorinohonoo:MidoriNoHonoo 197 32
SW: Insurgent Attack
The sound of the klaxon woke Tora from her bunk. She was on her feet in an instant as she reached into her locker and began pulling the pieces of her armor out. Besides her Jax was doing the same, each of them raced to get their white shells in place. Tora felt a rush of pride when she finished before Jax and under the three minutes that were dictated as the maximum it should take for a trooper to get kitted out.
“Tora!” Jax shouted.
Tora turned just in time to have her helmet come flying at her.
“Don't forget that!” he called as he locked his into place over his head and came running after her.
Tora scowled, hating the helmet as she gripped it in her hand and grabbed an E-11 from the rack as other members of the platoon did the same. They joined other Stormtrooper platoons in their unit as they ran out onto the grinder where they found their NCOs waiting for them along with overcast skies clouding the planet's full moon.
“1st PLATOON C-COY!” she hea
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 11 17
Kallora: Safe Haven
Tora's nerves were on edge. She kept looking around at the crowded street furtively, searching for Imperial agents. Seeing one would be unwelcome, except for one. She looked down at the hand holding hers tightly. She would rather have had her hand on her blaster, but Kallus' hand clenched around hers was reassuring in its own way. She looked up at her fellow deserter, his usually neatly trimmed hair and well kept beard and sideburns were overgrown. He looked quite handsome really, roguish almost. It suited him.
Her thoughts turned to the pirate who had provided them the means of escape from the Empire. If that scum had betrayed them they were walking into a trap even now. She could see Kallus' hand on his blaster, at least one of them was ready for whatever lay ahead of them. She wished they'd had time to grab more but when they'd escaped they'd only been able to take what they were wearing. It wasn't much. Tora was in the body sleeve she wore under her armor with her boots and a robe
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 21 28
SW: Battlefield Aftermath
The mechanical clanking of the AT-ST walkers sounded harsh and grating as the walkers patrolled the combat zone, their heads swiveling back and forth across the battlefield. In the distance the occasional report of blaster or laserfire could be heard as whatever remaining resistance was stamped out. Tora took a deep trembling breath, looking down at her shaking hands numbly. They'd barely made it, in fact she was the only member of her squad still alive.
She hadn't expected it to be this bad, nothing she'd trained for could have prepared her for this. She wanted to contact Niklos and ask the Clone Wars era veteran if the battles of that war were as vicious as this had been. Overhead the roar of engines covered the skies as dropships and shuttles went to and from the orbiting starships and the planet. Eventually Tora would be on one of those transports heading back to space and oddly enough that frightened her.
She'd gotten to know her squadmates, they'd been welcoming and had accepted
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 21 29
SW: The Frontline
The howl of a missile pierced the cacophony of sizzling bolts. Tora had just enough time to look up and see the incoming warhead before it hit the AT-ST that had been supporting her unit. It impacted on the chin mounted blaster cannons and erupted in a blast that had Tora diving for cover. The missile must have detonated the Tibanna gas lines as a secondary explosion tore through the walker, engulfing its forward glacis in flames as it staggered on its two legs and fell back.
Tora watched as the now flaming walker struggled to maintain its balance against the withering fire still pouring in from the enemy position. That was when she heard the whistling overhaed.
“Mortars!” someone shouted over her comlink just as the first rounds kicked up showers of black earth.
Laying flat on her stomach, Tora heard someone screaming and realized it was herself, the sound of her voice echoing insider her helmet as she struggled to breathe. Reaching up she ripped her helmet off her head an
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 16 29
SW: Failed Deception
Kallus sighed heavily as he entered his quarters. This rebel cell was proving more tenacious and resourceful than he'd expected. Even with the company of  stormtroopers he'd been assigned wasn't helping very much. He stopped, reconsidering the thought as he realized it wasn't entirely true. There was one stormtrooper who was proving very helpful. Thinking of the redhead made him smile, a smile he very much needed. He had overcome more than this, and the relationship he was fostering with Tora Ge'per was doing nothing but help him surmount the emotional and psychological frustrations of this assignment.
Turning the lights in his room on, he sat down at his desk and began entering his report. The newly promoted Captain Tiero was nothing if not thorough in his paperwork and even if Kallus didn't answer directly to the man he was making use of his troopers and so owed him reports on how those troopers were used. Accessing his terminal, he began but was quickly interrupted as someone k
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 16 34
Torn by rayn44 Torn :iconrayn44:rayn44 228 37 The First Farewell - page 20 by MidoriNoHonoo The First Farewell - page 20 :iconmidorinohonoo:MidoriNoHonoo 25 24 Signature required. by MidoriNoHonoo Signature required. :iconmidorinohonoo:MidoriNoHonoo 66 26 Dolos: God Of Trickery by Vampella-Chicka92 Dolos: God Of Trickery :iconvampella-chicka92:Vampella-Chicka92 8 3 Liberte Athena by Andantonius Liberte Athena :iconandantonius:Andantonius 410 28 Athena by Hierodulai Athena :iconhierodulai:Hierodulai 228 29 PJ - I Got you COLOR by Elwy PJ - I Got you COLOR :iconelwy:Elwy 605 199 Priorities by Fedini Priorities :iconfedini:Fedini 237 65


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