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how has very ticklish feet
thank you for letting me join
Heya guys. My submission from two weeks ago expired. Is the group still alive?
Ah, so this isn't a hogtie-only group, I get it!
Hi im 28 in pa seeking a man to hogtie real tight and gag esp love the saudelli bondage art poor girls tied tifht write me at debbiecarr375@yahoo.com
Welcome to the group. It's nice to meet like minded artist like myself. I spent several years in elfwood being a misfit. Don't get me wrong. I have a lot to be thankful for with elfwood. I found elfwood during a difficult time in my life. They nurtured me along for several years but I never really got over the 2008 facelift. Elfwood was just never the same after that. At least not for me.
I think my passion began with reading Edgar Rice Burroughs, or at least that is when I first noticed it. Those great covers by Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and the so many of the others I grew up wowing over. And it seemed like in those books they were always being taken captive by impossible odds.
I first became fascinated with bastinadoes several years ago. Tickling is kind of a new passion for me but I find it fascinating none the less. The hogtied position is ideal for both. I've been studying facial expressions in western style over the last year or two as I've been working on improving my poor drawings of facial features. I'm not big on Manga but some of it's really pretty good. Of course manga is welcome here as is any other style but personally I guess I just like the realism of western style. It's a personal preference. The facial expressions of the uncontrollable tickle laugh is simply irresistible to me. Of course the barefoot girls are a must. Some passions never change I guess.