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Bravely Default

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Omgggg I wanted this game since it's first announcement in a Nintendo Direct. Then I find out that the demo was released recently. I WAS SO EXCITED
Then I found out I suck at the game and one of the characters ended up dying. thank god it's not like Fire Emblem Awakening. she doesn't stay dead forever
But I shrugged it off and fled from battle hoping to heal her soon. Then I got into another battle and saw her there. Dead again.
I seriously died. I was all like, " OMG WHY IS SHE STILL LAYING THERE!?"
Then I thought of this and NEEDED to draw it. xD

I'm pathetic. I make myself laugh uncontrollably most of the time...

But yes. I was playing for like 5 minutes and quite and drew this.

Back off to play it. -flies away-
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Call-me-MoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it.  Agnes died a lot for me too.
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Not for me in fact she was my strongest player.
Tiz was my healer with the concoctions
Agnes was the archer with that legendary bow
And then Edea (It's been a while so forgive me if I spelled it wrong.) And Ringabel was the fighting ones with Edea being a monk and Ringabel being either a mage or the templar can't really remember...
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My Agnes is a Vampire/White Mage. She rarely, if ever, goes down.
JayfeatherACat's avatar
Yeah, but I always had her as the fully levelled up archer with that legendary bow you got...
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klaralariceHobbyist General Artist
My Agnes holds up pretty well as a White Mage with her healing magic and high MP, but my real issue is with Edea. She's my biggest asset, and always the first one to be taken out. I'm just glad that Agnes has Raise now so I don't always have to stock up on Phoenix Downs.
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PurafiedHobbyist Digital Artist
Personally I wouldn't mind if she stayed dead... (obvs)
Also, she's the only one who has ever been dead at the end of boss battles (bosses like to strike her down just before finishing blow...)... 3 goddamn times.

But yeah... the demo sure didn't go easy on player... ... the struggle was real at first.
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PurafiedHobbyist Digital Artist
Nvm, make it 4 times...
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TimeRewindHobbyist General Artist
lol It's funny cause it's true...
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>_< (Sorry if this seems like complaining, but) I liked this piece, but PLEASE leave a spoiler tag next time...
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HofftitsHobbyist Digital Artist
Kay. It doesn't so. Yeah.
It was a Demo. And leik. I played it for 5 minutes. But whatever :I
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Oh. I never played the demo. Now I feel like an idiot. >_<'
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HofftitsHobbyist Digital Artist
ahaha it's okay. :B
OrpheusEx's avatar
And my horrible misinterpretation skills strike again!

I thought the death was a plot point, not a "killed in battle" thing.
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LuigitheYuriKaiserHobbyist Writer
Yeah this is my Anges or Edea, both mages, Ringabel dies the least for me because he is a knight.
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AntithigramHobbyist General Artist
That's what kept happening to Edea in my file. :c
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DeriohStudent Traditional Artist
My gosh... replace her with Ringabel... xD He dies allll the time, and he's my best fighter.... yeesh! But still, great game/demo! I'm hoping to get it soon! €:
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NinjaRebexStudent Digital Artist
This is funny. When I played the demo Agnés and Edea kept dying which was annoying since Agnés was a Black mage and was doing the largest damage. It was also confusing since Ringabel didn't have a shield and had no better armour than the rest of them.
Rukia-Shimazu's avatar
Rukia-ShimazuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yea, this is Ringabel for me. My Ringabel is squishy assassin and is targeted by every enemy. He needs me defense and less attack
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Cat2999Hobbyist General Artist
How squishy is he?
Rukia-Shimazu's avatar
Rukia-ShimazuHobbyist Traditional Artist
He constantly gets OHKOed by bosses for me, it's a pain trying to keep him alive in boss fights.
Cat2999's avatar
Cat2999Hobbyist General Artist
Well at least he feels soft to touch
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Dark-DullahanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now do one with Edea complaining about Ringabel. XD
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KurairoHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, that's amazing. x'D *in game I often feel like it's the other way around though XD*
lovely drawing! ;u;
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airydefaultStudent Artist
I got the demo too and loved it!!! You did a good job with this picture, it's so cute!!! Clap 
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