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July 28, 2008
I have received so many suggestions for this artist to be featured that it would be unfair to list any one person as the suggester. Bed is only one piece from an impressive series of which you can see more on the artist's site. As the artist himself states, he is reinventing archetypes and this piece speaks to the childhood fear that some of us still hang on to: "the monsters are all around us". *Hoffine joined deviantArt not too long ago but he is already a well accomplished artist in his own right. Please give him a warm welcome.
Featured by Katerina423
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from After Dark, My Sweet
Image details
Image size
768x768px 662.71 KB
Canon EOS D60
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
16 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 13, 2021, 9:07:22 AM
© 2008 - 2022 Hoffine
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MichelleMatthews's avatar
The blocks on the floor spell out who the monster is under the bed...Daddy...great photo depiction of child abuse
argemirogarcia's avatar
I thought it was a digital manipulation photo!
SaltIsHere's avatar
Me After Seeing that: *Runs out of room*-aaaaaaa BANG!- Markiplier (request) 
JaydenTivon's avatar
The fears we all had.
aimermonami's avatar
It is true!! They are there

I was lying in bed, with a feeling of dread, for a demon seemed lurking about.

I dove under the covers, for fear there be others, in a dark that was freaking me out.

Though they all remained quiet, I just wouldn't buy it, I could feel their presence was there.

And trembling in suspense, with panic so intense, I just waited for a bone-chilling scare.

Intolerant of the shaking and in a risk that was worth taking, I jumped up an switched on the light.

Out the window they all flew, because all of them knew, they could only be of terror in the night.

Poetry inspiring!

joshuatree1967's avatar
Gripping. Brilliant.
amazing, the "daddy no" really changes the whole story
sushithecat's avatar
Meow! very interesting concept and photo. My one big issue with this shot is that you can tell you've used a wide angle lens because of the distortion of the girl. Not much you can do about that if you're shooting in a very small space other than have the best possible glass you can get. 

That and maybe use some more cold tones, this is a very warm and inviting shot (especially when you don't see the monster arms in a preview such as facebook) adding some cool blues or greens will really dank (creep) up the scene.

Just my two cents. Great work!!!
Saddust's avatar
It's written "dadDy" with the blocks... Poor girl...
DroneProbe's avatar
and also "NO" next to it
Jimmy-Faceless's avatar
PinkieFan2002's avatar
Mistery Scared Cute Mini-Freddy Chat Icon  *RUN*
SexyEeveeQuice's avatar
Well, f*** you too sleep, I don't need you!
VintageSweaters's avatar
Don't give me nightmares XDD
Konekoi's avatar
Satanic-morals's avatar
If the monster that big, I'd be checking for a trap door in the morning, how the hll is it fittign in that tiny bit of space jeez.
cilifystash's avatar
well it hasn't happened yet but if you keep lying and gossiping you might make it happen but i have nothing to do with it and wash my hands of you
chlorineking's avatar
sketchywhiskers's avatar
I'm friends with the monster under my bed
Suuno's avatar
get along with the voices inside of my head
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