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I'm an illustrator and cartoon artist from the Netherlands, specialising in bondage and diaper fetish art.

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I'm gonna do some streaming again! https://picarto.tv/hofbondage Let's hope Picarto can handle me today. :-P
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1 min read
Gonna work on some Patreon sketch rewards. Drop by if you wanna see me work! ^_^ https://picarto.tv/hofbondage I'm prepping right now, should be live in a few minutes!
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Early this year (feels like years ago to me, for some reason. :D ) I did this Wonder Woman piece for LuckRush. Recently, a fan of the piece, @bob4972 , asked around for a colored version. @PrincessOregon the did a lovely version of it! You can find it below! Thank you both for providing this! ^_^
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Just wanted to say you are amazing! Your art is so very wonderful and truly a gift to the ABDL Art community. Hope you are having a wonderful day, I hope are able to still get some of your own “little time” with all the amazing art and how often you produce. And I hope your diapers are puffy, your pacifiers comforting, Your plushies are snuggly, And your bottled milk is warm! And that your ropes are tight, your punishments fun, and your toys charged! Thanks again for everything you do we appreciate you!

Sorry you are having a rough day, but I’m glad I can help a bit! You are an amazing and a wonderful artist and we enjoy all the effort and your hard work you put into your art! Thanks for everything you do! And when you have the opportunity, I hope your padding is thick and enjoyable!

Thank you so much for saying that!! I've been feeling a little low today, so this just made my day! Never underestimate the power of some kind words. ^_^

I will say, I'm not much of a little, myself, though I sure do enjoy some nice thick padding. =P

But I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless! May your days be filled with the same comforts, and if some of the things you mentioned aren't your thing (not everyone enjoys punishments and ropes, oddly enough ;) ), may your days be devoid of those. ^_^

You're so talented, I can't get enough!

D'awwww, thank you so much!!! ^_^

I hate to reply to such a sweet message doing PR for myself, but "can't get enough" really warrants this... 😅

You should know I do like 30-40 sketches per month for Patreon that don't even make it public. If you can't get enough, sounds like that'd be something for you.... :)

Very enticing!! I usually try to do one subscription every three months (until I'm rich and famous of course and can pay EVERYONE) but you're already coming up on my list🥳

Sounds like a good way to go about it! Really great you're supporting the community like that! ^_^