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The One Who Gathers Mattresses

I named this work - “The One Who Gathers Mattresses”, it`s something like an allegory of death. As a kid when I went to bed and in the stillness of the night I was puting my ear on a pillow - I often heard mensural crunches... Later being a grownup I`ve learned that the sound I was hearing was my own pulse. But when I was a little child, I imagined that someone is coming for me, sinking into a deep snow. I imagined a man wearing an old sheepskin coat crossing a vast snowy wilderness. Maybe he still goes and goes as long as our hearts are beating…
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...he almost comes off as if he were three dimensional.  it's a very unique and imaginative concept; a powerful image -- well done.
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перфектна е!
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Разбира се, ти си автора, ти си решаваш :)

Но наистина бих искал да видя един вариант с полярно сиво небе, отделно от хижата и цветята. Мисля, че даже по този начин по-ясно ще изпъкне червеното на цветята. Разбира се сиво небе не осветява фигурата и снега по същия начин, по който я осветява твоето, но смятам, че няма да си личи. Ако не друго то поне може да даде идеи за бъдещи проекти.

Нали нзаеш за четвъртата книга от трилогията за Землемория - Ле Гуин се вдъхновила за нея когато направила авторски превод на собствения си текст :)
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Всичко е ОК, направи ми добро впечатление още щом я видях в графилата. Но мисля, че би трябвало небето да е прихлупено, безжизнено сиво. И тогава може би няма да има нужда от цветята и хижата.

Лично мнение.
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Благодаря ти за мнението. Но не съм съгласен )) И цветята и хижата трябват, имат си своя история, някай ден ще я разкрия...
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awesome work here. I like the sense of isolation you gave the image.
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Thank you. This work is important for me and I`m glad you noticed it.
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Stunning work of art and lovely concept
I thought I was the only one who heard that...

really great :)
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What an absolutely wonderful work of art:clap: thank you for sharing with us all....
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It's a beautiful piece in its own right, but with your little story about it, it gives me the chills.
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I love it. And your story behind it, just gives it such a depth. It it facinating how you imagined something so beautiful as a child.
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That. Is. Incredible...
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Thank you! I really appreciate to get the comment from you, and my wife is so-o-o exited )))
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I`ve updated the image removing second shadow figure.
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Rather haunting, but possibly a little cathartic being able to reproduce your child-hood imagination as an adult?
Hofarts's avatar
You are right, but I think cathartic is a strong word.
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wow.. now i know what that crunching in my ear was from. Great detail work... are the flowers somehow symbolic?
Hofarts's avatar
Thank you. The flowers symbolize another story, long story which comes from this one, but not ready to be incarnated yet... :)
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wow this is amazing love the details and the idea is very original great work
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