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CD cover for the metal band
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Well now, that does looks cool
theshsx71's avatar
that's a size of a megalodon and a kraken fused together
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yotobi wuz here...
RDTJ's avatar
Too epic. Amazing work!
Sphalerite-Recourse's avatar
He's Soooo cute ^_^ its like he want to nom nom your face but at the sometime huggles you with his tentacles. Adorable ^-^
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Vrulovrith's avatar
Theres a band in greece called "Το πλοκάμι του καρχαρία" meanign "Shark's tentacle". This would be perfect for a CD cover for them :P
I love your drawings by the way, very detailed!
thurop's avatar
Fuckin' rad. I hope to god it was inspired by the sharktopus in Flapjack...
wilddog02's avatar
Nice! I love it! Truly, the "Most Dangerous Animal"!
Liketheisland's avatar
...ever seen "Devil Fish"? Well yeah, this thing is much scarier. =P
chopperman69's avatar
" DAMN YOU SHARKTOPUS!!!" lol cool pic
TheRamblingMan's avatar
Not scene aught two have I seen such a fearsome best.
egg-sterminator's avatar
Reminds me a lot of Mastodon's Leviathan CD cover.
Have you been reading my mind because this is a dream come true
battlereaper's avatar
awesome work. Truly an eye catcher.
Furrama's avatar
I think there's an old dnd monster that looked like this, but you did it much better justice.

If you had thrown in Batman with a lightsaber this would be the end of the internet.
DaSub's avatar
It's like some sweet evil hybrid of awesome!
This is quite possibly one of the best chimeras I have seen in a while.
Mars-The-Horse's avatar
If he eats an oil tanker....will he get diarrhea?

Seriously I really like it. :)
Hellstryce's avatar
That would be one of the scariest fucking things ever. especially if they were people-sized....
soulmaster54's avatar
this is sweet, i love it
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