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Legend of Zelda - Link

By Hodremlin
I got a daily deviation today for my Skull Kid drawing, so I was somewhat woken up to start submitting stuff again.  I actually have a bunch of drawings waiting to go up, I've just been lazy lol.

So here's another drawing of Link.  I actually did this one over the summer.  I just got the remake of Ocarina of Time for Christmas too, just made it to the Forest Temple.

I had a horrible time with drawing Link in that pose, but I liked the color palette I used for this one.  I didn't blend the shading as much as I normally do though.  I should draw Zelda sometime too.
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Wonderful work! =D
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Beautiful drawing :aww:
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Coloring style is awesome, he came out really cool, love how dynamic his pose is >w<
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I'm pretty jealous of your coloring skills. I love the foreground and background on this. The way you color the sword looks so awesome. Such a great job on this. ^^ 
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The colors and shading and everything is beautiful. I love your artwork and coloring style. Keep up the amazing work. I hope to see more from you >u<
I hope I can color and create beautiful works as well as you some day
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Thank you!  I should really updated more than I do, it's important to keep drawing or else I stagnate haha.

You certainly can, and you can someday be a lot better than me too!  I believe in you! 
All it takes is practice and a bit of time.  I didn't start out very well myself, but I eventually got better!
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I know those feels. When I lost my tablet I forgot how to color.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement it means so much to me >///< I am going to be brave, could you please critique my work? If it's not any trouble to you ;///; If you're busy I understand.
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Of course!  I'm busy, but not that busy haha.  So I took a peak at your gallery, and I think you are probably a lot better than you think you are.  Usually people are a lot more critical on themselves than others are about their art.  It looks like you are on a really good track.

I really admire your variety of color in your works, as that's one thing that I've always struggled with.  Color is one of the hardest things to master, I think because it's very difficult to make colors work in harmony sometimes.

Your drawing skills are probably a lot better than you think they are too.  All of your characters have a lot of good poses, and some of them are in very difficult-to-draw poses too.  I think it's very important to challenge yourself to do stuff like that, because a lot of times people fall into the pattern of drawing people the same way over and over (myself include), because that's what everyone feels comfortable with.  But it's good to step out of your comfort-zone and try new poses, which you are clearly doing.

From going through your gallery and seeing some of your old stuffs, you've definitely come a long way.  It's also good that you do a lot of traditional art alongside the digital stuff, since a lot of people harp on getting better at traditional first and then going to digital.

I guess if I had one suggestion, it would be trying to work on your anatomy a bit.  That's not to say it's bad --- it's definitely not bad.  It's more that like your drawings as a whole are really good, but there is just one or two things anatomically wrong that could make it better.  Everyone struggles with that though, myself included.  Personally, when I'm drawing a character I look up a lot of cosplay references for that character.  I prefer to work from real life pictures as a reference over Anime, because I find that using real life photos makes my drawings less stiff looking.  Having a folder of references to look at is what really improved my art over time from where I was a few years ago.  I use cosplay pictures because then I can get a sense of how that character would look in that pose better.

Honestly though, you're doing a good job and you should keep at it!  Improvement really comes with time, and I think it's really important to look over old artwork from time to time to see how far you've come.  Judging from the progress you've made in your gallery, you're on the right track!
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I'm so very sorry for the long wait, I've been away from dA for a bit. Your words mean a lot to me. Thank you very much for the inspirational words and motivation. It makes me happy that I'm heading toward the right direction.
I'm planning on doing some pose studies and color studies soon :3 Hopefully that will help me improve.
Thank you very much for taking your time to leave me feed back it means a lot and I'm very sorry I took so long to respond
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hooo GREAT WORK, is so handosome, I like a lot the colors! :)
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Thank you very much!!
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your welcome
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This is really good. You did a great job on the post and the colouring. The style is also really nice.
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Thank you so much, the pose was very hard to do so I'm happy it turned out okay!!
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Whoa, this is incredible :D Link is ready for action :D
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Thank you so much!
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I don't know much about Zelda, but I love this drawing. Beautifully done!
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Thanks!  I'm happy you can appreciate it without knowing much of the characters!!
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My favorite video game character and franchise. Great work on our silent hero!
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Thank you!  He's a great character, even as a silent protagonist!
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That is what makes him unique!<3
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