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I'm not blocking you because of your opinion... I'm blocking you because you were an asshole. Plain and simple. Plenty of you have given your opinion without being a dick and I haven't blocked you. If I block you, it's for a reason. You attack or you decide my post is the perfect place to spew your "facts".

I'm done saying it.
If you have a differing opinion then mine, I'm OK with it. What I'm not OK with is Trolls. You'll be blocked immediately. Civil conversation is perfectly welcome, but when you're a dick, that's it.

And how sad is it to create an account to just continue your Trolling? REALLY sad.

This is the only notification about this from now on. I enjoy posting my work. I enjoy comments. I enjoy interaction with folks. I just don't enjoy people who feel the need to attack.
Hey Gang!

This week, I'll be at New York Comic Con. This is my first time doing the show, so I'm kinda freaking out. LOL

You can find me in Artist Alley, Table C3. I'll have Original Art, Copies of Antiis Comics Presents #1: Midknight, Copies of my 2011 and 2015 sketch books, Art Cards, Prints AND I'll be doing sketches ::whew::!

I hope to see you all there!

Hey Gang... I'm about to ramble for a few minutes, so please, bear with me. It's going to sound like whining... it's not. I just need to get some shit off my chest.

It's become very difficult for me not to be stressed out. Between the little bit of work I've gotten over the last few years, the lack of sales at Cons (compared to what they use to be) and honestly, this awful political climate... it's becoming harder and harder to get through the day without a breakdown.

With Terri and I starting Antiis Comics, it's a way for me to try and show folks what I can do and want to do. I want to work. I want to tell stories. I want to entertain. The book sells at shows. It was the only thing that actually moved for me at Comic Con Palm Springs and we sell a few books at every show, which is nice. But I'd like to be selling more.

Everyone who's read it has given me nothing but great feedback. And honestly, if someone didn't like it, I'd still want to know. I've given a number of books out to Pros and Comic sites in the hopes that I'd get some kind of feedback, a review or plug on social media.


I'm sorry if this seems petty, but it's frustrating. If I pick up a book and like it, I talk about it... shit, sometimes if I like the artist or writer and the book isn't great, I still plug it. Why? Because we are a small community that should support each other... but it seems like we're also turning into a community that likes to see people fail. I hate to even say it, but even my friends haven't mentioned the book. That's personally heartbreaking.

The first 10 years of my career in this business, I constantly had work. I was working pretty much exclusively on comics for Lucas Online. I had a small side gig doing storyboards for a small production company in LA and wasn't really concerned with looking beyond that because I was doing pretty good. Yea, I wanted to be drawing Batman or Spidey or Cap. Honestly, I still want a crack at something for the Big Two. If I sit down at the drawing table at 7am and have something to work on, I work 16-18 hours straight.

When I did the "2112" book for Rush. I was given a 30 day deadline. I need to express to you that I was given 30 days to:

Layout (and come up with designs for the characters)
Color AND

...a 40 page Graphic Novel (plus Cover) that sold thousands of copies that NOBODY in my business (except Mark Irwin LOL) saw. 30 days to do the job of 3-4 people who would get 2 or 3 times that amount of time. And I delivered. Sure, there's a few pages I would go back and change, but honestly, still one of the best gigs I ever had (Who gets emails from Neil Peart?!?)

Since the last season of the Clone Wars web comic ended (season 3 of the show), work has been sparse. The first year after, I survived solely on Commissions and Con appearances. My con appearances have dwindled because I'm not getting the invites I use to. I refuse to do Wizard shows after the way I was treated the last time.. and honestly, I am having a hard time banking on shows I'm not invited to. Even Palm Springs, with being a guest, was a financial bust (but I don't take it personally... EVERYONE had a bad show at PS).

I've come to learn recently that just asking for help isn't a sign of weakness. For years, I refused to ask anyone "Hey, if you hear of something you think I might be good for, could you throw my name out there?". I thought it was a bad thing. I never realized it's how you actually get work.

I get better everyday at this. That's what happens when you draw all day, everyday even when you don't have a paying job to work on.

But I refuse to give up. I've seen friends give up and I'm not going to do that. I've often thought about giving up and going out and getting another job but WTF am I qualified to do other then Bartend and Wait tables? Nothing. And if I went back to doing that, which I hated (despite being great at it), I could see me becoming a miserable bastard who lives out his life like a puppy who's been kicked one too many times. Yes, I'm tired of struggling, but why give up on something because times are tough?

So here's the deal...

I have many ways people can support what I'm trying to do...

- Buy the comic. Support what we're trying to accomplish. You can buy it directly from us here: You can get a copy, signed by Terri and I sent right to your door for $4 plus S&H! And most importantly...

If you like the comic, spread the word. Tell folks. If you have a comic website where you review comics, review it.

- Buy art from my personal Etsy Store. There's lost of stuff to choose from and there's large commission spots as well:

- Commission a piece of art. Commissions start at $30 and go up from there. To inquire about a commission, email me directly at

- Support my Patreon. This is especially for aspiring artists. My goal is to teach you something and I'm going to be working on my first video this week and those will be just for Patrons.

And finally, to my friends in the industry... if something comes up that I might be good for. A few pages here, a few pages there. A variant cover... base card art, throw my name out there.

I'm not someone who wants hand outs. I don't ask for them. Like I said, until recently, I never really asked people to consider me for something. I want to earn my money, not be given it. If you give me money, you're going to get something in return and I'll work my ass off to make sure you get my best.

OK, I'm done. Have a good day, Gang!

I have completely restructured the focus of my Patreon page. Focusing on showing the process of working on my own comic Universe and commissions.

My goal is to pass along things I have learned, will learn and inspire those of you who want to create comics. I'll shoot the first video next week! Check it out and spread the word!

I've talked about this in the past, but it needs to be said again.

I am contacted regularly for possible work for hire on here. I can tell you 95% of the time, it is people asking for art for no compensation.

1. No compensation or "Exposure", as it's regularly referred to as, is a joke and an insult to any artist. If you want work, pay for it. I cannot tell you how many times I've been contacted for Free work. It's a daily occurrence, sometimes several times per day. NEVER ask for someone to do it for free. If the artist is good enough to ask to do work for you, they're good enough to be paid. And as for the "Exposure", if they're good enough to ask to do the work, it's likely they have a following and don't need YOUR exposure.

2. Percentage is a joke and an insult just as much as exposure. There's NO incentive for someone to work for a percentage of the sales because unless it's a proven property, there's no guarantee it's going to make any money. You know when this IS in your favor? When you're doing work for major company and a major property and even in that case, they're likely to just pay you "work for hire" and keep the profits.

3. Try and pay within the artists rate. Now this one can be worked out. I am willing to work within someone's budget unless it's far too much work for what I'm being paid. The plus side is you're willing to pay and honestly, that's great. If I can't do it because the amount doesn't work for me, there's going to be another talented person behind me who can. You're definitely in a good category in my eyes just being willing to pay. I'm sure if you could pay me the rate I requested, you would.

Let me explain something to you, When I do a Kickstarter for my projects, there is a large portion that strictly is reserved to pay my Colorist, Letterer, the guy formatting the book for digital and anyone else involved in the process. And it's what they ask for. I don't try to haggle down. If tomorrow my Colorist said "On the next book, I need to raise my page rate to $XXX per page", I would prepare for it and get it together.

PAY the artists. Don't ask for Free work.

Help get the Antiis Universe off the Ground! by Hodges-Art…
We reevaluated our goals and have restructured the Kickstarter, check it out here:…

Antiis Comics Presents No 1: Midknight (cover) by Hodges-Art
A rant... well, more a "Call to Action". :)

I have a lot of Friends and Followers on here. Enough to make this happen. Honestly, I never expected to move even ONE Vanity reward (and we did on Day ONE!). I'm pushing the lower end Rewards. The $5 thru $25 rewards! Check them out... The ones a bit higher are just as cool, AND limited (as are some of the lower ones), but I know money is tight for some and that's why we want to move the lower end tiers because if we reach our goal early, we're adding goodies.

If we were to reach our goal by Valentine's Day, the $5 and $10 pledges would get a bonus Digital Issue and the tiers being mailed out will get a SECOND Exclusive print and other goodies!

Here's THREE FAQ's we get a lot:

Q: Can my kids read these books?
A: If you let your kids watch Superhero Movies and TV shows as well as read those types of comics, you're good to go!

Q: Do you ship Internationally?
A: Yes. Shipping will be incorporated into your pledge. A few reward tiers have a slightly higher shipping rate due to items shipping at different dates.

Q: Will I be charged immediately?
A: No. You will NOT be charged until 1. The Campaign has reached it's goal 2. The end of the the campaign, which is March 1st.

Hopefully this helps you make your decision! Every bit helps. Trust me, if all my friends and followers pledged $5... we would be funded REALLY FAST! And that's what I'm hoping for! You all have been very supportive over the years and I appreciate it more then you know... I'm just hoping you'll also support this.

Thanks for reading. If you've already pledged, THANK YOU and spread the word... and if you have yet to pledge, I thank you in advance!

Have a great day,

Tom Hodges


We've talked a lot about the Heroes, but now, let's talk VILLAINS! Tonight at 6pm PT/9pm EST, Terri and I will be LIVE on Periscope (Periscope: hodgesart). I will be drawing Hades, the featured villain in Bellona's first story! Come hang out, watch and ask questions... it'll be fun!

See ya then!


Periscope Doodle: Hades by Hodges-Art

AntiisKSLaunch by Hodges-Art

I just launched my Antiis Comics Kickstarter! Go check it out and spread the word!…
I need folks who like my work to understand one thing...

... THIS IS NOT A HOBBY. This is how I make my living. This is how I keep a roof over my head, pay my bills and feed my family. This isn't something I do on the side for fun. I realize that a portion of DV members are just here collecting images they like and that's great.

But the constant messages about "a comic idea" you have that I would be perfect for BUT doesn't pay or the cosplay you do that you'd like me to draw for you BUT you don't want to pay for it... yea, it's NOT going to happen so please do not ask. Asking an artist to draw something for free is an insult to us. NOBODY should work for free and I never charge more then I think my time and materials is worth. You want to commission a piece of art, I'm glad to discuss the options with you, but if you expect to get something for free, go elsewhere and remember, I'm being polite about this... others will not be as nice.

If this post offends you, it's because you don't have the mental capacity to understand that the only one who should be offended is me.

The daily shirt, only available today, is available HERE:

The rest of the collection (available 1/12 to 1/20), as well as the poster featuring all 14 images (and in three different sizes), can be found HERE:…

'Once upon a long time ago' Collection by Hodges-Art

I've had the page for awhile but really never did anything with it until now. Go check it out. If it interests you, spread the word!
San Diego Comic Con 2015 by Hodges-Art

I'll be doing sketches and will be offering original art and some other goodies! Swing by and say hello!
Some of you know and some of you do not know, my wife Terri and I are looking to adopt a child. We've started a IndieGoGo campaign to do so and have some AMAZING perks. You can donate $5 or $1000... every bit counts and any donation of $15 and up receives some sort of reward! go check it out, spread the word and pledge what you can!

We have 15 days left and a long way to go!…
Helping Fuel Imagination, Shirt 1 by Hodges-Art

Please read:

Are you someone who has helped fuel the imagination of a child? Are you a Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Grandparent or just a friend who has helped show a child the wonders of using their imagination to create their own worlds? Have you introduced them to Science Fiction? Comics? Cartoons? Are they their playground Superhero because you told them if they can be Batman... TO BE BATMAN!

This shirt is for you and for anyone like you! they're also for the kids who you've helped be themselves. My wife and I are creating these designs to help pay for the process and fees to adopt a child ourselves so we can create another child who uses their imagination to be what they want to be. If this shirt is not for you, share it and maybe it's for someone you know! Follow the shop and maybe the next shirt is for you or you're totally AWESOME and will buy all FOUR shirts!

EVERY DOLLAR we make off of these shirts will go directly to our Adoption Fund:…

Thank you!

I will be running a Holiday sale in my Etsy.

Because I'm awful at shipping, the sale will be THIS weekend (Friday 9am PT thru Monday, 9am PT) so I can ship everything BEFORE the holidays with time for folks to wrap things up and get them ready for loved ones.

You will receive 25% off your Entire purchase at Checkout. The Checkout code will be "HappyHolidays25". AGAIN, it will start tomorrow at 9am PT. So head over to the shop and check out what's available:
Now available until Midnight EST tonight (9pm PT):

Pin Up Doll TeeFury shirt by Hodges-Art
If you missed out on my Undersea Underground Tee... here's a second chance site to snag it!