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The Big Blue

By HodariNundu
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Inspirado en el descubrimiento en Gran Bretaña de restos de ictiosaurios enormes. Gigantes. ¡Colosales! D: Comparables en tamaño a las mayores ballenas, e incluso en el rango de la ballena azul- normalmente considerada el animal más grande de todos los tiempos. 
Gracias a mi amigo :iconbran-artworks: por sus consejos para colorear ésta pieza :) 

Inspired by the discovery in the UK of remains of huge, gigantic, colosal ichthyosaurs... comparable in size to the greatest whales of our times, even in the same range as the blue whale, normally considered the largest animal of all times. 
Thanks to my friend :iconbran-artworks: for his advice and tips on how to color this one. :) 

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nice oceans giagants

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Ichthyosaurs became extinct by the time of the Cretaceous. They were replaced by Mosasaurs.

Do you think it's possible for a giant, blue whale-sized Mosasaur that evolved to become a filter feeder?

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Makes sense to me. Since this animal exist, a Triassic Kraken seems more possible now.
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The ichthyosaur looks kinda like my own version
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Nice art but you people always overestimate the girth of these reptiles.
If the UK giants are shastasaurids, they would have been very slender and narrow in profile.
And not as heavy as a blue whale.
So, if anything not that accurate.
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If it's an animal of this size, it is possible that they can have a girth like this, don't know why you have to consult something and take something like this serious.
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No because their relatives dont have a body like this. From a man who check his sources.
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Who knows, what if there is a new species of their relative that did have a body like this.

And why rub sources in?
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Do you even know how science and research works ? How old are you, I mean seriously ? 

If you once again tell me about your drawings, don't expect any more from me. I use my time for educated people with real curiosity.
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I have real curiosity, it's just that you don't know how reality works. You don't see the other side of my curiosity at all, if you really are the kind of person you claim you are, then why try and fight with me?

Assuming my age now? I'm 17.

If you use your tine for eduacted people with "real curiosity" then why oppose and consult me if you don't think I'm well educated?
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A guy who pretends to discuss scientific research while invoking mere drawings and unable to check and read scientific links about on going research is either a young guy not experienced in research, either an idiot.

You seem to be simply someone interested in big critters but not someone with a great background, which was my first impression.

I don't debate with people who don't know how science is discussed. Science is not discussed with poor drawings of a poor reconstruction featured in a 17 years old CGI documentary.

Unless you really have insightful questions about meg research (I mean all new data), I won't discuss further. 
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You links are just repeating the same thing from the links you shared to me a while ago. So you're gonna assune that Iman idiot and inexperienced?

You'd probably be the worse teach given how you're just speaking to me in a toxic way. No wonder why we're not getting along, because you're trying to manipulate and make everything your own way. If I didn't have a great background, then I wouldn't have added a background image like my drawing.

I never said science is discussed by drawings, you're saying that and making false claims that I'm saying that. I never said it was a reconstruction at all, I just said it was a drawing I did of the jaws with teeth, again, your being a hypocrite and making up false claims.

Very typical of a critic really, someone who is spoiled and overrated. You do know, that new data can be false, right? So it's best to not assume your research is right.

Your not being very clear, your not even showing me a photo or image of the said "research".
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Just because it's a shastasaurid doesn't mean that it needs the exact same proportions of Shastasaurus. At the proposed sizes of the Lilstock Icthyosaur, different bio mechanics are going to have to be involved because of the difference in scale. Also, doesn't shonisaurus have a fairly heavyset and deep body? If your basing your statement of of the peter's reconstruction (here:…), i hate to break it too you, virtually all of his reconstructions are inaccurate.
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All shastasaurids have this thin body plan.

S. popularis is unique and don't forget most of the restorations of it showed it with an exaggerated deep body.
The body was a tad deeper but the animal was narrow seen from above.
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"You people" as in, whom?

When I drew this I was not aware of what kind of ichthyosaur it was supposed to be (just that it was big), so I drew it from memory, based on illustrations I had seen of Shonisaurus (which naturally belongs to another family but was the biggest known ichthyosaur when I was a kid). Said illustrations usually gave it a deep body. Whether the actual Shonisaurus actually looked like that I do not know, but is pretty irrelevant.
I even gave it a dorsal fin (as far as I know, neither Shonisaurus nor shastasaurids are supposed to have one). 

At the end of the day what I drew was a made up ichthyosaur, then I blew it up to blue whale size because that's what the news about the fossil discovery inspired me to draw. Hence the "inspired by" part of the description. 
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Fair enough. Check recent sikanniensis reconstructions to help.
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I have seen them.
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 Quite simply breathtaking.:o (Eek) 
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Amazingly done. Love that put a diver there. To give us how big these creatures are.
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It probably has a lifestyle of, for example grey whales. Grey whales mainly rub or scrape their mouths across the sea floor and eat the crustacean and other small organisms, the same may go for this species of ichthyosaur.
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That is a big possibility.
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bellisimo,  hodari nundu, cada vez  te superas aun mas que antes
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