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Rubeosaurus fue a los centrosaurinos lo que el Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna a los chasmosaurinos; el supremo e indiscutido señor de los cuernos. Se distinguia por su enorme cuerno nasal y las puas en su gola, las cuales estaban dirigidas hacia adentro de forma que las puntas se tocaban.
PD- En este dibujo la gola y las puas apuntan hacia arriba porque me quede sin espacio en la hoja de papel XD Pero habrian apuntado más hacia atras.
PD2- ¡Primer Rubeosaurus en DA!

Rubeosaurus was to centrosaurines, what Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna was to chasmosaurines; the supreme, unmatched Lord of the Horns. Its most notable trait was its huge nasal horn, and the spikes on its frill which pointed inwards so that the tips touched each other.
PS- In this draw, the frill and spikes point upwards because I ran out of space in the paper sheet XD Actually they should be more horizontal
PSS- First Rubeosaurus in DA!
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Holy Sweet Mother of Teresa on the Hood of a Mercedes Benz!
That  Horn is HUUUUUUUUGE!
That'll catch the lady Rubeosaurus' attentions.
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It isn't Styracosaurus OVATUS??
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
now this is a styracosaurus with some hardcore tuning! =D i am just kidding, i know it's a real thing. great job! =)
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Biologist-88-VhemtHobbyist Photographer
Está muy bien realizado.
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Cada vez se ponen mas locos los dinosaurios.
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Rickraptor77Student Digital Artist
Dude i follow paleontology and i constantly read Discovery News, how come i've never heard of this Cerotopsian? Where do u get your news from anyways?
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HodariNundu General Artist
Via time machine ;)
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Rickraptor77Student Digital Artist
no seriously -___-...where my friend, where?
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hyphenatedsuperheroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Muy interesante, buena perspectiva... a ver cuándo te animas a dibujar un Medusaceratops, se vería asombroso.
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survivor-127Hobbyist General Artist
I'd hate to have that charging at me :fear:
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TRXPICSHobbyist Traditional Artist
awsome point of view,great scales,and one badass dino.what more can U ask? XD
great work once again,keep it up.
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How long and heavy was it? And how tall?
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HodariNundu General Artist
Bout the size of Styracosaurus. It was first supossed to be a Styracosaurus species.
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riotgirlckbStudent Traditional Artist
hey this is really kool
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JacobSpencerKaiju79 Traditional Artist
How did the ceratopians ever moved their heads?

Either way, nice pic.
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DemitriVladMaximovHobbyist Filmographer
You are the master of first illustrations of realitively unknown prehistoric animals.
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this is image doesn't look bad at all :popcorn: :blowkiss:
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