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Osteoporosia... nightmare or mirage?

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Usualmente evito dibujar dinosaurios conocidos a partir de míseros fragmentos, pero el concepto de éste era demasiado impresionante como para dejarlo ir. Basandose en una vertebra hallada en Marruecos y que data del período Cretácico, los descubridores de este dinosaurio creyeron al principio que se trataba de un saurópodo, pero al analizarla concluyeron que de hecho pertenecía a un terópodo semejante al Aerosteon sudamericano. ¿La parte aterradora? Si están en lo correcto y el bicho era básicamente una versión más grande de Aerosteon, y asumiendo proporciones similares, entonces "Osteoporosia gigantea" habría medido al menos 15 metros de longitud, siendo uno de los terópodos mas colosales conocidos, comparable en tamaño con Spinosaurus y, si, Indominus... :B
Y si, yo tambien espero que le pongan un nombre mejor, porque eso de ponerles nombres de enfermedades solo puede concluir en abominaciones como Herpesaurus o Hemorroidops...)

(Oh, si, y aqui esta el link donde lo leí, que ya se que me lo van a pedir... jurapark.pl/jurapark-na-tropie…)

So, I usually avoid drawing dinos that are based on measly fragments, but the concept of this one was too impressive to let pass. Based on a vertebra found in Morocco and dating from the Cretaceous, the discoverers of this dinosaur first thought it could be a sauropod, but upon closer inspection found it was more like that of a theropod similar to South America's Aerosteon. The scary part? If they're right and the critter was basically a bigger version of Aerosteon, and assuming similar proporions, then this "Osteoporosia gigantea" would've been at least 15 meters long, being one of the most colossal theropods known (and comparable in size to Spinosaurus and, yeah, a full grown Indominus... :B)
And yeah, I too hope they give it a better name, cause a trend of naming dinosaurs after diseases can only lead to abominations like Herpesaurus or Hemorrhoidops...)

Oh yeah and here's the link where I read it, I know you were going to ask for it... jurapark.pl/jurapark-na-tropie…)
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TurckerStarsongStudent General Artist
I thought it was an allosaurus then I thought it was a giganotosaurus
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carcharsauceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol too big. Maximum size is around 9m
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HodariNundu General Artist
Few things are more obnoxious than a pedantic comment preceded by a Lol
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carcharsauceHobbyist Traditional Artist
I put a 'lol' because of the ridiculous size estimate they gave it. Randomdinos puts it at a max of 9m and a min of 7.5m. So basically the size osteoporosia is no where near 15m. If Im not wrong it should be a megaraptorid and they can't get to that size
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HodariNundu General Artist
I don´t know what or who is Randomdinos or why its/his word should be law, BUT, regardless of how likely or unlikely it is for "Osteoporosia" or any other megaraptoran to have reached such a size, I think it is incredibly arrogant to claim that they "CAN´T" get to that size. Their fossil record is extremely scant, to the point that even their classification is uncertain. To think that we have both the smallest and largest members of the group (if it is even a true group) is a lot more ridiculous than the size estimate. 
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carcharsauceHobbyist Traditional Artist
There is still no evidence of it reaching 15m
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HodariNundu General Artist
There is barely any evidence of its existence, at all. Do you think I dont know that? 
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so basically your saying that if we gave this thing four claws, extended its length to 50 ft, and extreme human like intelligence, we'd have indominus rex?
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paleosirHobbyist General Artist
Keep in mind HodariNundu stylized his dinosaurs a lot.
His art is very good, but for scientific accuracy, he's not the best source.

'Osteoporosia' likely was similar to Carcharodontosaurus, but smaller.
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
hemorrhoidops? hemorrhoid face? how would that even work!!! XD
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O ~ O A REAL LIVE I-REX!?!?!?!?
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DeanNClarkHobbyist General Artist
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Finally, an allosaur simalar to the savage I. rex in shape! :D *howls* thanks for the news!
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So a real life accurate version of Indominus that can really scare Rex...

This is just perfect; I hope this proven be a real theropod.

Great work here; mirage for paleontologists... Nightmare for field biologists
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I'm guessing 15 meters,is a extreme overestimate? 
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No no. 'Tis a natrual size for the animal. The I. rex is as big or bigger.
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Theres barely any evidence for Osteoporosia ,Hodari has made large overestimates multiple times.
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HodariNundu General Artist
I  know this is a late response, but stop accusing ME of "making large overestimates". All I do is draw stuff I read about; I don't come up with the estimates myself.
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Well, it was Acro's idea. I tried to counter him.
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ApexMegaraptoranStudent Traditional Artist
This think probably competed with carcharodontosaurians right ?
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Possibly; assuming this vertebrae is what we believe it is, which is -possibly- a megaraptorian dinosaur

It is uncertain if they would have hunted the same kind of prey.
Carcharodontosaurs may have hunted in hungry gangs against juvenile sauropods. 

From what I have seen based on megaraptor, this mystery creature seem more like an animal that targeted smaller prey on their own (perhaps solitary animals). Perhaps megaraptorian dinosaurs also hunted juvenile sauropods as other tyrannosaurs may have done (such as likely the case of tyrannosaurus with alamosaurus), but it was likely more to the side; can happen, but not the primary focus.
But to be fair, most tyrannosaurs lived in times when sauropods were simply becoming less common. This difference in time and environment meant megaraptorians likely lived with more sauropods. So this at least puts juvenile sauropods as potentially on their menu. 
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ApexMegaraptoranStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, these information are incredible .thank you.
By chance you're a paleontologist (or something of the genre )?
I think only the big megaraptorans hunted alone , but we need more fossils to prove them.
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