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Diving with Ankylorhiza

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Hasta hoy conocido simplemente como "Género Y", Ankylorhiza fue un delfín gigante del Oligoceno que rondaba  los cinco metros de longitud; su tamaño y sus dientes enormes y aserrados  indican que se trataba de un depredador de grandes presas. 

Formerly known as "Genus Y", Ankylorhiza was a giant Oligocene dolphin that could grow to around five meters long; its size and formidable, serrated teeth indicate it was a predator of other large animals. 
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So this is basically Star Platinum Requiem.

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YellowPanda2001Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm left to wonder how the hell does that guy, after diving with so many damn prehistoric sea monsters that always greet him with a mouth full of teeth... IS STILL NOT DEAD!!!

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Man, this time-traveling diver must have luck 100 to keep on escaping these situations.

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FlappyFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist

I saw the skull of another killer dolphin at a museum. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called though . . .

The artwork and creatures are excellent, as always!:D

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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist

Another killer dolphin , yikes

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hbaf187Hobbyist Writer

How many divers have been eaten in the making of this series?=P

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HodariNundu General Artist

That's... classified? :b

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PerfectChaos22Hobbyist Artist

Rumor has it you just have clones in vats

when one dies, you just activate another....IDK if you name or number these guys

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HodariNundu General Artist

I can neither deny, nor confirm

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PerfectChaos22Hobbyist Artist

Do you recover the bodies to not alter the present

gonna be awkward for some paleontologist finding 65 million year old human remains.....inside a Mosasaur

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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist

So cool, wouldn't want to swim with those dolphins. XD

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EltioRob95Student Artist

Creo que prefiero al que tiene cuatro aletas XD

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Watch the teeth Dunk, don't want this fellow stealing one of your flippers ... or carrying off one of your teeth with the same bite!

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SpeculaTimsauru5Hobbyist General Artist
HOLY S***!! THAT'S A DOLOHIN!!? *does sign of the cross*
Damn this looks impressive. You never stop amazing me Hodari!
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HodariNundu General Artist

Thanks a lot! :D

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Love the multitude of criss-crossing scratches and scars on its back, it's a great detail that adds a lot of character

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PerfectChaos22Hobbyist Artist

As if dolphins weren't monsters already

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In what world do you live in where dolphins are monsters!

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PerfectChaos22Hobbyist Artist

a world where we know dolphins are essentially gang members that commit murder and gang rapes just for fun

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The remarkable :)creatures you present to us make today's seas look so, well, ordinary.

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