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Atlasaurus nest

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Dos Atlasaurus adultos merodean por una zona de anidación mientras varias crías emergen del cascarón.
Atlasaurus fue un sauropodo del Jurásico medio, de extrañas proporciones y emparentado probablemente con los braquiosaurios.
Su torso y su cuello eran relativamente cortos y sus patas delanteras más largas que las traseras, de ahí su espalda inclinada como la de una hiena. :>

Two adult Atlasaurus hanging around a nesting zone, just as the babies hatch.
Atlasaurus was a Middle Jurassic sauropod, weirdly proportioned and possibly related to brachiosaurs.
Its body and neck were relatively short and its forelimbs longer than the hindlimbs, giving it a sloping back like a hyena. :>
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OviraptorFanStudent General Artist
what are the small raptors and pterosaurs?
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My guess compsognathids and pterodactylus
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paleosirHobbyist General Artist
The formation Atlasaurus was found in has crappy preservational conditions, so basically nothing has been found there except Jobaria and Afrovenator.
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Very interesting!
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hah baby Altasaurus vs compy!
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roundgobyrock223Hobbyist General Artist
hey are those raptors in the background???? since when do they live in the jurassic...
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they are compies not raptors....
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PhaedrolousStudent General Artist
Awesome spikes and stripes, dude!
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This is such an ugly dinosaur, I really...it's just ugly as hell.
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How much time it takes you to do 1 drawing?
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HodariNundu General Artist
Depends on the size. This one's big so it took me about two hours :O
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My Genyodectes took 7 HOURS.
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kyriesinStudent General Artist
hmm, never read or heard of these guys and i've loved dinosaurs since i was little. very interesting.

and i can't hep it but... dawww, all the little ones.=^.^= always amazing how such large creatures begin life so tiny.
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Wow. It's like a literal poor man's Brachiosaurus with anorexia.
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Never heard of this dinosaur before, but in my opinion this is extremely detailed and accurate.

So keep up the brilliant deviantations Hodari
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DemitriVladMaximovHobbyist Filmographer
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very odd looking dinosaur. are those pterosaurs trying to eat the young?
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HodariNundu General Artist
No, they just like eggs, kinda like Egyptian vultures today.
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ah. i was just curious. indeed, Atlasaurus is oddly porportioned, but not as wierd as agustinia
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AmericanRaptorHobbyist General Artist
They look pretty unusual.
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Never heard of these Dinosaurs. I'm guessing they lived in North America right?

Nice job by the way.
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HodariNundu General Artist
Nope. Africa :D
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