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Build a paper model of a third-generation FN SCAR-L assault rifle. Commissioned by rayegunn.
This model is 1:1 scale, consists of several distinct parts that can be disassembled, and includes some moveable components.
In addition to the rifle, an EOTech 551 holographic sight is included.

The complete model is 37 pages.

The download package contains instruction photos in addition to pattern pages in black, tan, and white.
PNG version (67.6 MB) Alternate Link (Mediafire)
PDF version (40 MB) Alternate Link (Mediafire)

Q: What kind of paper and glue do I use?
A: 90-lb or 185-g paper, and regular white paper glue. Tacky glue also works, and dries faster, but may have more volume.
The pages (1700x2200), while larger than a page, turn out the same size on letter and A4 paper if automatically resized to printable area.

Q: Can it actually cycle a cartridge like one of tacome1942's models?
A: No. The moving parts do not replicate 100% functionality, they're just there for appearances.

Q: Can I attach accessories from other models to the rails?
A: Sure. The rails are pretty close to 1:1, so it's even possible to put real accessories on them (although this isn't recommended because of weight).

Q: I'm having trouble with X part.
A: Ask about it via comment or pm. Also let me know if there are any problems with the files.

Q: There are holes missing on the upper.
A: Here's the corrected page: (Black) (White)

Q: The right wall of the upper is backwards.
A: Here are the corrected pages.
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add pls another scope

hola maestro de armas te podria pedir si pudieras incluir en esta replica el asunto de los resortes en la recamara de martillo y gatillo pliss seria genial sentir el click de disparo tu eres genial y gracias por compartir los diseños son gratificantes construirlo en este momento estoy construyendo la m16 con lanza granadas cuando la termine compartire las imagenes saludos rafa jr.

Finished with EOTech holo sights and stubby grips. HK416 next up...

Hoborginc MK16 SCAR-L completed x2
Hoborginc MK16 SCAR-L completed x2
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Looks good! A nice configuration

Completed MK16 SCAR-L in both tan and black... Just need to add some accessories now... Thanks again for sharing the templates, you are a legend!!!

Hoborginc MK16 SCAR-L completed x2
Hoborginc MK16 SCAR-L completed x2
Hoborginc MK16 SCAR-L completed x2
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Thank you! Wow, looks like those builds came out pretty well. Nice to see them side by side.

Quick question... When inserting the BGC into the upper receiver, is the spring guide plate supposed to be attached/glued into the receiver rear plate, or should it be free to move? It fits perfectly (and lines up too) ... Logically I want to glue it into the receiver rear plate and then use the spring guide as a piston within the bolt carrier... But the fact they are two seperate pieces makes me wonder if I'm missing something???

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I don't think it's necessary, because the stock should be enough to block the spring guide plate from moving. However, I didn't have a proper spring on hand to actually test it with a spring around the spring guide, so I'm not sure if the stock really is enough to keep it in place. It's largely left to whatever works best for the builder.

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Привет! УСМ работает в вашей модели?

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Все части там есть, но я бы не сказал, что механизм работает. Он просто там для вида.

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I am really waiting for your MK12 and will u make arms#38std????

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Sorry for the late response - I just haven't been getting much free time. Right now I'm working on the ARMS #40 rear sight. I should then be able to use that to make the #38. It's pretty slow, though. Near the end of August I'll have a few weeks free and I'll be able to make more progress then.

Hello, first congratulations on the incredible work, I would like to ask for help, this model will be my first, I know that the ideal would be to start with a simpler one, but I started with this one already. I'm actually having more doubts, mainly with the order of gluing and assembly, as I'm new to this I still don't understand this order of the leaves with white, black, brown and the color of the weapon, except that if you are going to paste four leaves to form one part, it is very difficult to handle mainly the fittings and connectors. Can you give me some tips?

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Sorry for replying so late - I haven't had much free time recently. The colors are different variants - just build one set based on the color you prefer. The black and tan ones are essentially "final color" the way they are. The white one is preferable if the goal is to paint it afterward.

But you're right, this one is kind of complex. It may be better to build this model first just to get some practice with the process.

Good habits - before cutting parts out from a page, use a ruler and the blunt side of the scissors to "score" the fold lines, which will make them easier to fold neatly. You can tell how to fold a individual piece based on the tabs - for example multiple small tabs indicate a curve. Most of my pieces follow a "slice of bread" principle where all the complexity is around the edges. Figure out how to fold the edges by looking at the shape of the larger flat faces that will form the top and bottom. For example, for a cylinder, you can tell the top and bottom faces are circular, so the edge piece will probably just be a single curved strip.

When building each part, connect one face at a time and let it dry instead of trying to complete that part right away. For example, I'll often have all the parts from a given page in progress at the same time - make 1 step on one part, then 1 step on another one as it dries. However, keep an eye on the drying pieces! Sometimes they like to deform as the glue changes from liquid to solid, so you may have to hold them or weigh them down until the glue is solid enough to stay in place.

Once you have several small pieces built up, consult the instruction photographs to see how they fit together and to ensure you're not missing anything.

In this model the lower and stock are actually the most difficult parts. It may be worthwhile to start with the upper instead, since it's easier to understand, being a collection of rectangular box-type pieces after all.

do you have the collage, assembly tutorial?

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Sorry for the late reply. In the downloadable packages, there's a folder of instruction images, based on photographs.

Come posso avere un video tutorial vi prego

Io lo sto facendo senza ed è perfettamente fattibile

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Spiacente, ciò significherebbe ricostruirlo da zero. E non ho alcuna esperienza nella realizzazione di video, quindi non sarebbe molto bello.

this gives me something to do in quarantine but mine came out pink lol idk

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Must be the printer low on yellow toner. But pinku is a good color too lol.

I completed it ..took me 5 months due to job 
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