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Published: April 22, 2014
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Build a paper model of a third-generation FN SCAR-L assault rifle. Commissioned by rayegunn.
This model is 1:1 scale, consists of several distinct parts that can be disassembled, and includes some moveable components.
In addition to the rifle, an EOTech 551 holographic sight is included.

The complete model is 37 pages.

The download package contains instruction photos in addition to pattern pages in black, tan, and white.
PNG version (67.6 MB)
PDF version (40 MB)

Q: What kind of paper and glue do I use?
A: 90-lb or 185-g paper, and regular white paper glue. Tacky glue also works, and dries faster, but may have more volume.
The pages (1700x2200), while larger than a page, turn out the same size on letter and A4 paper if automatically resized to printable area.

Q: Can it actually cycle a cartridge like one of tacome1942's models?
A: No. The moving parts do not replicate 100% functionality, they're just there for appearances.

Q: Can I attach accessories from other models to the rails?
A: Sure. The rails are pretty close to 1:1, so it's even possible to put real accessories on them (although this isn't recommended because of weight).

Q: I'm having trouble with X part.
A: Ask about it via comment or pm. Also let me know if there are any problems with the files.

Q: There are holes missing on the upper.
A: Here's the corrected page: (Black) (White)

Q: The right wall of the upper is backwards.
A: Here are the corrected pages.
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I completed it ..took me 5 months due to job 
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i noticed that while opening the pdf version of the template in Adobe Illustrator, the gluing pattern boxes disappear on multiple parts for the upper receiver. do you happen to know why this happens?
Hoborginc's avatar
Not sure. I haven't tested it in Adobe Illustrator. Do you mean the wavy-hatched boxes? They were made in Inkscape using the "wavy" fill pattern. Maybe it's not a pattern that Illustrator recognizes.
RavenDarkez's avatar
is the pdf updated to have the corrected page?
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I just checked, and it's not. Good catch.
Corrected and reuploaded.
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is it possible to attach a sling?
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Everything is possible once, just like everything can be airdropped once. I wouldn't advise it, though, because the paper is too soft to withstand the pressures of a sling pulling on it. The sling loops might break off.
innixxia's avatar
ah.. i see... thanks for the reply though :)
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high ...please help me im stuck on PM MK 16 stock PAGE 8....butt LEFT panel b1....i dont understand how to fold the curved cut portion 
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Sorry I didn't check comments for a while. You've probably already solved it.

One end of that part is supposed to be curved, but the tabs are incorrect: One of the tabs is continuous, when it's supposed to be split up into smaller segments.

On the construction images, 11 shows the completed butt in its original form, but, during the build process, I realized the front of it interfered with the button on the left side of the stock, so I added a cutout, visible in image 16. Apparently I didn't update the tabs correctly.
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Dude you are awesome ..i wish that someday i can make papercraft like this my dedicated profession
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I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! how can i watch u craft it
i still don't understand how this page work
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It's probably best to start with some of the simpler models. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite intuitive. 
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Incredible job, you are the boss
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allan72Hobbyist Artist
Nice man!! You are awesome!
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lehoangtuan62Hobbyist Digital Artist
can it be made using foam boards?
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I'd recommend using paper (thick paper) to for the model itself, simply because foam boards are difficult to manipulate into precise shapes. However, you can definitely cut pieces of foam board an insert them into the paper pieces.
Just look through the construction images and determine which sections are best for this (the walls of the upper and lower receiver definitely come to mind). It may be difficult to put them in every component, but as long as you get them into the main ones, the sturdiness will be increased. Also put them in the magazine adn maybe the stock, although the latter may be a bit difficult because the stock is rather complex.
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lehoangtuan62Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the reply, i prefer something more sturdy than paper.
one more thing, how should I print the layouts? is it ok to print it in A4 papers? or should I print it by the original size?
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Do not print it by original size, because original size is larger than the printer paper.
It's intended to be printed on 8.5x11" (letter) paper, but A4 is fine too, coming out at around 98% size.
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lehoangtuan62Hobbyist Digital Artist
and this go with all of your paper projects?
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Sorry for the late reply. Let's see, the accessories (EOTECH and foregrip) are all compatible with the same rails that the other models use. So is the rear sight, although it would be strange to see it on another gun.

The receiver is unique.
The pistol grip and magazine are also unique, because they are more realistically proportioned than the grips and magazines used on my third-generation M4 and M416 models. You could say they are a fourth-generation.
On my next model, the Mk12, I'll make an M16A1 receiver that will also use the correct grip and magazine proportions.
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lehoangtuan62Hobbyist Digital Artist
alright, thanks for the info
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iEzQaNDaRHobbyist General Artist
Bro you're sure have 200 IQ!! like all your stuff! do you have kar98?
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I'm glad you like it. Sorry, I don't have the Kar98, though.
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