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PM Jackal

Alucard's Jackal commissioned by [Ramona] Yummei Karasu.

As with all my models, it's intended for around 90lb/185g paper, sized letter or A4 (fit to printable area).

The folder contains:
Color Patterns (png, 1275x1650, 13 pages)
Blank Patterns (same)
Construction Photos (jpg, 1200x700, 24 files)

Download link (PNG, 15.4MB, with instructions, Mediafire)
PDF Version (826 KB, patterns only, Mediafire)
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Jackal is done !

It's perfect with both of them

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They both look like clean builds! Excellent job!

Привет, Hoborginc!

У тебя есть вариант шакала черно-белый но с надписями?


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Hey there! Amazing work!

Do you have, by any chance, the files containing the instructions? The ones in the description are dead, sadly.

Have a nice day! <3

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Shame how st.ash doesn't seem reliable anymore. I've reuploaded it to Mediafire and updated the links. Here's the link to the PNG package with instructions.

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Yeah, i can only guess how much many times you have been asked to reupload. Still, thanks for actually replying! Love your work. Please stay safe, and best of lucks in this quarantine!

jackal or casull link none of them work, can you reuploaded please?

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No problem! Reuploaded to mediafire and updated links.

La pagina no existe dice, podrías re subir el enlace por favor. 
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Lo volví a cargar en mediafire y actualicé los enlaces.

Excuse me Hoborginc sir the Download link does not work so that means i cant get construction photos can you help me
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I am new to this and wondered what you use as an adhesive.
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Ordinary liquid elmer's glue. Nothing fancy.
Ok, thanks for the info
 cual es modelo mas facil que tienes
Would you be able to make this with 110lb card stock (letter sized), or would that be too much?
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I haven't tried 110lb, so I don't actually know. It may be a bit difficult to bend some of the smaller-scale curved faces, and some things might not match perfectly, but I don't expect there to be any serious problems that can't be resolved with a minor adjustment here or there.
Thanks; I'm sure I'll be able to manage somehow. My friend is gonna be stoked to have a pair of pistols for his Alucard Cosplay.
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PDF link dont work :( help
btw you're awesome :)
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Ah, thanks for letting me know. Here's the reuploaded link.
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