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PM AR V3A416


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Build a paper model of the Hk416 carbine.
This model is 1:1 scale, consists of several distinct parts that can be disassembled, and includes a collapsible stock and moveable bolt carrier.
In addition to the rifle, some accessories like a foregrip, various ironsights, an ACOG optic, and an AN/PEQ-15 laser/IR module are included.

The receivers and magwell are compatible with the PM AR V3.

The download package contains instruction photos in addition to pattern pages in black, tan, and white.
PNG version (80.7 MB) Alternate link (Mediafire)
PDF version (52.5 MB) Alternate link (Mediafire)

What kind of paper and glue do I use?
90-lb or 185-g paper, and regular white paper glue. Tacky glue also works, and dries faster, but may have more volume.
The images (1700x2200), while larger than a page, turn out the same size on letter and A4 paper if automatically resized to printable area.

What's the difference between this and the AR V3?
Besides the Hk416 style details, the stock is attached via a much sturdier buffer tube, and the barrel is significantly strengthened as well.

Can it actually cycle a cartridge like one of tacome1942's models?
No. The moving parts do not replicate 100% functionality, they're just there for appearances.

Can I attach accessories from other models to the rails?
Sure. The rails are pretty close to 1:1, so it's even possible to put real accessories on them (although this isn't recommended because the weight would break them off).
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