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This is a papercraft AKM model I originally made for /po/. It's rather large (1:1 scale), and can take a while to build because a lot of the parts have walls on the inside, for sturdiness. The safety and bolt are moveable. If you want, there's space to put a spring to push the bolt forward, though the strength of the spring vs. the strength of the parts would be your concern.

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As of November 2013, the V2 iteration of this model is now available, offering a greater level of detail.
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Cool! Looks like a good build.

I'd recommend, however, storing it in a vertical position, or else it will start to droop over time.

I don't know how to do this part :( I need a tutorial

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Here's an illustration explaining it. Just compare the lengths of the edge faces and the sizes of the end pieces to see whether they fit the front or the back of either the main section or front ridge.

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how can l download this file

Why there is no mag instruction?

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It's pretty simplistic - just a pair of boxes. The location of the edge faces can be derived based on their length.

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I would like you to make a Youtube channel teaching how to make weapons step by step, I would be the first to subscribe.
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This was the first realistic papercraft weapons model I ever saw and was completely floored by your level of detail. I also found out about Deviant Art while looking for more of your work. For that alone I wanted to say thank you. I am officially a fan!
Do you have PDO files for your works? (If they were made in pepakura) And is there any way one could get those PDO files? :)
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They weren't made in pepakura, but straight in inkscape, so the original source files are SVGs.
can you make AWM?
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It's not really in my plans.
how can I open it?
it saved with office word
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It's a RAR archive, which should be openable with WinRAR or with 7zip.
Now that I realize this, I'll just reupload it as a .zip, which should be easier.
do i also need spring?
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If you want the bolt carrier to be moveable, you can get half of a notebook spiral and use that as the spring. On the other hand, you can also just glue the bolt carrier in place.
what thick paper is thick model for
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