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PM 454 Casull Auto

Commissioned by [Ramona] Yummei Karasu

Package includes:
- Patterns (10 png files)
- Instructions & Photos (24 jpg files)

As with all my models, it's intended for around 90lb/185g paper, sized letter or A4.

Download (Mediafire, contains PNG, PDF, and SVG)

Why doesn't it resemble the anime version? Because this is the OVA version.
Why is the barrel gold-colored? Because it has a titanium nitride finish.
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always love your model.

it's very challenging and satisfying when it's done

This is my 3rd gun that you made.

I got HK416 and AKM done before

i'm going to make Jackal right away :-D

KakaoTalk 20210816 141659566
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Thanks! Those look like very good builds.

hi i love your job

question, how do I have to fold the lines on the model? It happens that I get confused if I have to fold them in the middle of the line, above, below and everything ends up being misaligned

what appeared to be a rectangle turns out to be a twisted spiral

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Hey, sorry for the late reply! I've been away for a while. The best way to get the folds right is to first score the lines using the blunt side of a pair of scissors (before cutting out the pieces), enough to dent the paper without puncturing it. This way, when you try to fold it, it will naturally fold along the scored line. Use a ruler while scoring it to ensure it's straight.

Hey bro! Your paper craft guns are outstanding and incredible. I never seen better. Wish you the best.

I began to craft casull and confused with rails cross-section shape. I afraid to spoil the model. Could you please share the shape of rails cross-section?

Also I got couple of questions... Do you planning to make Desert Eagle template?
And how you make your guns templates? Where I can learn how to create template as incredible as yours?

Thank you and kind wishes 🌞🌞🌞
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Thanks for the kind words. The rails are basically a box with an extra wide top face that forms a "shelf" and an extra fifth face that forms the bottom of the shelf.

The picture here is from the M1911, which is why it has a cutout, but aside form that it's the same concept.

Guiderail Explanation

1. The wide, hexagonal face (red) is the top.

2. The rectangular face next to it, with rectangular pieces on the ends (yellow) is the side face (and, when installed, will face inward in the model).

3. The other face next to the hexagonal one is a trapezoid (purple) , because it's half of the hexagonal one. This is the underside of the shelf. Nowadays I'd mark the line between it and the blue face with a semi-dashed line to show the valley fold, but on this old model I hadn't gotten into the habit of doing that yet.

I haven't thought about the Desert Eagle yet. When I get back into pistols I'm thinking of getting a Glock of Beretta out of the way first.

The process for explaining them is pretty basic but tedious. I'll explain it in dm to save space in this post.

Thank you so much for such detailed response. Really appreciate it 🙏🙏🙏

Можно черно-белый вариант этого пистолета?


Do you have a vector version of the patterns for this gun?
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As a matter of fact, yes. Here you go.
"I'm gonna need a new gun, and get one for the police girl."

"But I already have a..."

"Get that bitch a cannon, bitches love cannons."
the stash for that isnt working. says the files dont exist.. did you remove them from stash?
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I just tested it, and the link seems to be fine. I managed to download it with no issues. Maybe something was temporarily wrong, but it fixed itself. 
yes, that was the case. it worked after a network refresh. thank you though
This is pretty damn incredible. How have I never came across this before....
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Hey so I'm trying to make this and I think I hit a snag. Step 8 says to add the pieces and wrap them with barrel face, but when I do that it seems like it's too short? Idk if I maybe printed wrong or if I'm setting it up wrong? I took a pic so let me know if you know what I'm doing wrong.
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If I remember correctly, there are two parts to the barrel face.
The "Barrel Face (Front)" is supposed to be aligned with the muzzle, and it's true that it doesn't go all the way to the back.
This is because, after the "Barrel Bottom" is attached to the back, the "Barrel Face (Rear)" is glued over the uncovered portion.
wat r u casul Them eyebrows 
your models are relly truly awsome!
can u plz make 3d models for 3d printing that woald made my day :D

keep upp the good work

sorry for not spelling correctly iam from sweden :P
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I'm sorry, they're made without the aid of 3d modeling, I just use some sense and test builds to get them to fit, so there are no 3d files for these papercrafts.
the download link dose not work sad face
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