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PM M1911

The is a papercraft model of the famous Colt M1911 pistol, consisting of 8 pages.

(NEW 9/4/21) Hitman M1911 Silverballer (Square guiderails, no instructions, with suppressor PNG, PDF, SVG, Mediafire)
Gray WWI-era M1911 (Square guiderails, updated with instructions PNG & PDF, Mediafire)
Tan USMC M45A1 (Square guiderails, w/ instructions, PNG, Mediafire)
White USMC M45A1
Modernized M1911 (Colt Rail Gun style), Black, Light Gray, White (Old guiderails, w/ instructions, mixed format, Mediafire)
M1911A1 Classic, Black, Light Gray, White (Old guiderails, w/ instructions, mixed format, Mediafire)


Q: What are the different versions?
A: The WWI-era version has original features like a straight backstrap, large hammer, and lanyard loops. It is also the most recent of my models, and has the most refined fit and finish.
The M45A1 is a tan-colored modernized build, with an underbarrel rail, ambi thumb safeties, long beavertail, front cocking serrations, raised sights, and very fancy grips. The model quality is missing some refinements, though.
The original Modernized version (white, light gray, and black) is similar, but with a threaded barrel. It's an early build, so the model quality is worse. The guiderail tracks are triangular, resulting in a fairly loose slide.
The original Classic version (white, light gray, and black) is an M1911A1 configuration, but with a large trigger. It's also an early build, with triangular guiderail tracks, and rather simplistic textures.

Q: What are those extra panels at the bottom of the slide? How do I build the grooves?
A: Here's an illustration.. And here are the valley folds.

Q: How do I fold the guiderails?
A: Like this. Note that the narrowest face folds flat onto the widest face, forming a "shelf." The rest of it is a box. The M45A1 version has square guiderails, which are different, but are actually simpler, so you should be able to figure them out without needing a guide.

Q: How do I build the rail base on the modernized version?
A: Look at its front and back faces. They should provide an idea of how everything else is folded. Here's a picture.

Q: What are the "inner sections" of the slide (pg.2) and where do they go?
A: If the "bottom of slide" is a u-shaped half-tube, its "inner sections" are attached inside it, to the larger hatched areas. Their job is to keep the spring front cap and the barrel apart. Here's a photo. Although covered by the bushing, they are partially visible from the front.
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Hi there. I was thinking it would be a cool idea to make a Silverballer model from the Hitman universe based on the M1911 model you made @Hoborginc. Like just fine-tune the existing model to make it look like the Silverballer? Do you think you'd be keen to do this? Thanks

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You're right, it's not too different from a normal M1911 (aside from the grip) and some other minor parts. I've started making a few changes, such as the extended thumb safety and takedown latch, but might need another day or so to get it right. Almost there!

Jeez I wouldn't have thought you'd get to it so fast, thanks man! I'm sure there's more people who would lika a Silverballer model.

It's based on the AMT Hardballer, a modified M1911, basically. Everything's the same except for the trigger, safety, slide lock, front and rear sights, maybe the hammer, grips, custom engravings and the silver colour, of course.

(Btw the font for the engravings on the slide and frame should be Helvetica. I'm a Hitman geek, so yeah😏)

I've also been thinking if it would be possible to make the barrel hollow - like make another, inner, paper tube to go inside the existing outer one? Sorry I feel like I'm pushing you to do so much stuff🥴

Thanks a lot for your willingness to make the model, means a lot to me.

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Ok, here it is: PM 1911 Silverballer. Let me know if there are any issues downloading.

I've included two barrels (normal length and a slightly longer, threaded one), including a small part of the hollow muzzle interior, as requested. There's also a suppressor, meant for the threaded barrel.

I don't have my printer with me right now, so I haven't had a chance to test build it, but since it's essentially a reskin, the risk of parts not fitting together is pretty low. Just in case, I've included the SVG files, which can be edited using Inkscape.

It seems each picture I've looked at has a slightly different backstrap/beavertail shape, but the basic AMT Hardballer has a slim backstrap & beavertail, so I kept the ones from the WWI 1911. The sights, however, are taken from the modernized one. The lanyard loop and floorplate loop are gone. I've added an extended raised part on the takedown latch and thumb safety bump. The trigger and hammer inside cuts have been modified. For the grips, there are now a set of black "grip pads" which should be attached after the grips are in place, including a two-piece "grip front," creating the wraparound effect. For the bumps on the front of the grip, there are a pair of "grip bumps" on Pg.7 - hopefully they'll fit together correctly.

Thank you so much! This is almost like a dream come true :)

I have modified and built the classic model almost two years ago, but I only reskinned the frame and grips and added the proper engravings to look like the Silverballer.

I will make this one in the next week or so. Will let you know if there are any issues with it. I have CorelDRAW and can attempt to edit the model myself if it becomes necessary.

Download works, and the model looks great at first sight. I can't thank you enough, @Hoborginc. I've been a Hitman fan for as long as I've been doing papercraft, around 8 years already, so this model is a perfect match :)

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Ah good to hear! Good luck with the build.

I am currently in the works of building the A1 verision. I am putting a spring in the slide so it goes back when I cock it. But I was thinking of creating an blowback mechanic for it when you press the trigger. I have never done anything similar before, is it possible to get some help?

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Sorry for the late reply! I've been away for a while. You've probably figured out a solution for now, but I haven't really attempted this for the pistols. It would require a source of energy that moves the slide one direction that's more powerful than the return spring, which would necessitate an outside source of energy (rubber band, perhaps?) It's just not a challenge I thought would be worth approaching, so sorry I don't have any good ideas on this.

Does the NSP supressor fit on this one?

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Sorry for late reply - no, the NSP's barrel is a lot narrower. I did make an octagonal suppressor for the 1911, but it's untested.

No download

Hola, no hablo inglés 😕 no entiendo muy bien las instrucciones, me gustaría algo más detallado por favor

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Dentro del paquete, hay una carpeta con instrucciones con imágenes. La mayoría de las partes son bastante sencillas, pero hay algunas que son complicadas. Aquí hay ilustraciones de las que la gente suele preguntar:

"Right Wall of Slide," "Left Wall of Slide," y "Rear Corners of Slide" (Pg.1):


Cómo construir la "Rear Corners of Slide:"


"Guide Rails" (Pg.3):

Guiderail Explanation

En general, creo que voy bien, solo que no e podido acomodar estás piezas, no sé cómo se deben pegar, muchas gracias, estaré atento

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Lo siento por la respuesta tardía. La pieza grande y plana debe curvarse en forma de "U". Las áreas sombreadas tienen diferentes tamaños. Las áreas sombreadas más grandes deben estar en el interior y las áreas sombreadas más pequeñas deben estar en el exterior. Luego, pegue las piezas pequeñas ("Bottom of Slide Inner Sections") al interior de la "U", en las áreas sombreadas más grandes.

I cant download it it Just gives me the picture of thumpnail

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The download links for the packages are in the description.

<a href="">Gray WWI-era M1911</a>(Square guiderails, updated with instructions PNG & PDF, Mediafire)

And your paper 1911a1. This also turned out well...

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Nice! Looks like a good, crisp build.

Do you intend to do laser support for M1911 similar to Killer7 from resident evil 4? In the game is practically an old M1911 with a leisure and I found it very interesting kkkk

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It's a good idea, but I don't know if I'm ready to get back to pistols & accessories just yet. In the meantime I have this Streamlight TLR-2 laser/light combo.

Do you have the updated version of the modernized M1911?

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Not really, I basically made the M45A1 model to serve as the new modernized one.

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