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Spider Man 4 Poster 2

Here's a second fanmade Spider-Man 4 poster

plz comment
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Just beautiful...
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If Only Spider-Man 4 did happened but Sony just had to Cancel it and Have Rebooted the Spider-Man movie series had Andrew Garfield be Spider man and then Tom Holland.
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Sad they couldn't come at transforming Dylan Baker's Curt Connors as The Lizard, could have taken a very creative approach; though Rhys Ifans was great as The Lizard
I blame Avi Arad and Sony.
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Yeah, me too, I personally think Sony is already dead as a film company to be quite honest
I see what you mean. With all of the problems they're going through, it doesn't look good for them.
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True, I watched a video where it was talking about their animation studio, Sony Animation, if it was a good animation studio to begin with, and it started with the Sony hacks that happened in 2014, where one of the interns openly admitted that the company was in a horrible shape, because of low box office results on films, and low morale at the approach of their films, which concering the Columbia Pictures brand, its pretty quite noticeable   
I assume you've been watching Midnight's Edge?
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It's a Youtube Channel. I believe this will help.…
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Way better than the Amazing Spider-man's look
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Now that's better, why couldn't they make the Lizard look like that in the movie?
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because its based more on USM and Webb just sucks when it comes to doing anything good.
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actually this versions face is the face of a vastatosaurus rex in king kong so they couldnt make it look like this ...
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this is fantastic, can I use this for a Spider-man Poster project? or how did you make this?! Fantastic job hobo95.
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Thanks and I don't mind, just remember to give me the credit when you post it = D
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i dsid, and its sitll a abdass work buddy, all of your work si. Now i shall drop this laod of cash for you hwo does 65.8 gazillion dollars sound? lol
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I'll work with it lol.
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lol okay and we got you a cameo with stan lee on TASM 2
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i will!! THIS Is how the Lizard should look like.
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