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Shadow of the Bat Poster

Here's a fanmade Batman 3 poster

plz comment :D
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VERY cool looking poster :thumbsup:
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Poison Ivy Makes a Fool out of Fox's Planet of the Apes Films
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This poster is both epic and interesting, because i wonder how Nolan would use someone with supernatural powers.
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And awesome caption by the way.
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That's awesome, I actually mentioned on another website that I wanted the third Nolan Batman movie to be titled Shadow of the Bat featuring the villians Poison Ivy and The Riddler, also introducing Vicki Vale. Your Batman posters are awesome. You should do one for Harley Quinn and Nocturna.
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I like the poster title & concept
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One of the best posters I have seen in a long time. Great job.
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This thing couldn't be more epic if it tried. O.O
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I love how you have it alluding Poison Ivy. Very nice work.
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Like allways, very cool job.
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so cool! i love the plants radiating from the logo
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WOW this is so awesome, it's blates Poison Ivy right? :w00t:

I like the caption too!! :love:

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thanks and yes its poison ivy :D
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Awesome... when you made this did you have any particular villain in mind? Poison Ivy perhaps??
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