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Rises Poster

Here's a fanmade The Dark Knight Rises poster which comes out in 2012.

I know there are already many fanmade posters that feature this pose but, here's my version.

plz comment = D
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Wow this is amazing!
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Thanks again :)
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I'm drawing a homeage to this man btw this reminds me of Alex ross's cover
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Because it was actually inspired by Ross's cover.
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oh nonetheless awesome job
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Christopher Nolan's movie make more money, but Tim Burton movies are better.

At least Tim Burton has a sense of humor. I really don't see Nolan directing something as funny as "Dark Shadows".
I remember seeing this first in black and white and thinking it was awesome. But the color version is even more so!
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Thank You = D
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Beyond amazing! I am so ready for this movie to come out.
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Thanks = D and same here.
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Looks great! I like the gargoyles flanking Batman, and the rain. Great job!
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You're welcome!
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really good poster, I like the tagline as well...the rusty tint is a nice touch too(reminds me of the one from Batman Begins) and if I'm not mistaken, it's mixed with a colder blue one(The Dark Knight's predominant colour)...was that intentional by any chance?
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thanks = D and yes, that was intentional.
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Hey there, awesome artwork! I have included it in "The Dark Knight Rises: 45 amazing fan-made posters" article here - [link]

Keep'em coming! :) All the best!
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Begins. Falls. Rises. *shivers*
Excellent work!
But before he rises.
He will be broken.
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