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Batman 3 Poster

Here's fanmade Batman 3 poster made just by me. I actually made 2 poster, this one and another but i didnt think the other one was worth posting here so...

Plz comment =)
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this is freaking amazing
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Great poster. All we are missing is "Riddle me this, Riddle me that", i can so picture the Riddler saying that while fliping the pictures around.
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The third Nolan Batman film is the Dark Knight Rises, Villians in it are Bane and Catwoman .

Haven't heard any news about either the Riddler being in it and Depp playinghim.
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i made this way before the villains were announced so Depp is definitely not playing the Riddler
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okay, now all we're missing is a crossword...
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Wiat, so they are making a third with Johnny as Mr, J?
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please click "love it" :) [link]
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that is really neat!!Awesome!
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thanks again =D
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here's some great news

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thats great, thanks man
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It's cruel and despicable to taunt me with such badass posters. Please, please, PLEASE keep up the good work.
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I like it, but tell me why Depp? :D
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simply because according to me he's the best actor in hollywood, i cant think of one single role that depp cant do
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I agree with that! But I thought you'd may know some nice rumours about 3rd movie, that I don't know, and Depp actually would play there xD It would be awesome awesomness :D
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honestly i always ignore the rumors lol
Johnny Depp as Riddler? Well, to each their own. My choice is current Doctor Who star David Tennet. He is leaving the show soon, so that would free him up for the next Batman movie.
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i actually wont mind david tennet being riddler, i mean he looks like riddler, i know he can act (saw him in harry potter), and he's british(will go along with nolan)but i think depp is better
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Its almost as though the pictures is a clue to where he's going to strike next. And i can just imagine him going "Riddle me this ,Riddle me that,Who is afraid of the Big Black Bat?"
ohmuhgawd~ *melt* <3
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This concept is cool as Hell. I'm working on my own Nolan Riddler right now, so this is very inspirational.

I LOVE his hands coming out of the photographs! Such a great suggestion of control!

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