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Yo Mama Joke

these are some of my favorite yo mama jokes
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I came up with this one yo mama so fat she went to sea world to get baptized LOL!
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I know this good yo mama joke but this joke i know it's dirty
yo mama is so ugly when she tried to enter a ugly contest they told her sorry but no professionals
yo mama is so old that even harry styles wont date her
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yo mama so fat the only letters in the alphabet she knows is K F C.

yo mama so fat when she went to Mc Donalds she tripped over Wendy's and landed on burger King.

yo mama so fat at her wedding the choir sings,Here comes the bride,big ,fat and wide.

one I made up:yo mama so fat when she went sky diving she was mistaken for a meteor 1000 mph
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Yo mama's so fat when she jumped into the ocean all the whales started singing 'We Are Family'.
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Yo mama so fat she has KFC written o her gravestone.

Yo mama so dumb she didn't get my last joke.
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"yo mama so fat she uses two grey hound buses for roller skates"

my fave.
these jokes are good ones
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lol,that's great Yo momma joke.I've heard somewhere,I don't know where,but this one is killin'.

Yo momma so fat that she's not smoking with normal cigarette,only with the pipe of chimney.


How 'bout that?

:rose:They call me the wild rose,but my name is Elisa Day.Why they call me it I do not know,for my name is Elisa Day:rose:-Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave

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Your mama so fat when she farted, everybody blame her for Global warming
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XD lol. twinkie.

my fav. (becuz im a naruto fan)

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you rock i love these jokes!!!!!
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:pointandlaugh:yo mama's mouth is so big, she speaks in Dolby Surround sound. ;P (my fav)
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My favorite yo mama joke is...
Yo mama so fat she sat on a random and Richard Simmons popped out

Yo mama so fat she's considered fat
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My favorate "yo mamma so fat shes not skinny"
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HAHAHAHA:) I like it
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