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Gender: Tom by Hobby-Historian Gender: Tom :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 1 4 The Cancer Answer by Hobby-Historian The Cancer Answer :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 2 2
This person keeps spamming deviantart with Pro-Erdogan Propaganda.
If you dont know,Recep Erdogan is a brutal dictator who turned Turkey into a Dictatorship.
He imprisoned THOUSANDS of teachers and journalists who didnt support him,and he continues purging the Kurdish minority.He also released several books,telling women to be below their Husbands and take a beating when being beaten.
This man is insane,but somehow people support him.
This person i showed you,is doing propaganda for him.
The propaganda often insults other nations,and glorifies turkey.
Its all lies and bullshit,and needs to stop.Its missinformation and lies.
He now hid all my comments,and blocks comments overall.
A cowardly move.
But we need to end this!
He has been spamming this shit for far too long!
I tell you,LETS END THIS!
EDIT:  He also steals art from other artists and newspaper,uploading it on his account.So hes a Art Thief as well,since he doesnt credit ANY OF T
:iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 0 8
thought i look cute in this pic might delete tho by Hobby-Historian thought i look cute in this pic might delete tho :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 10 11 CARS 3 LEAKED FOOTAGE!!!!! by Hobby-Historian CARS 3 LEAKED FOOTAGE!!!!! :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 1 10 Black Lenin And The Boys From The Commie-Hood by Hobby-Historian Black Lenin And The Boys From The Commie-Hood :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 4 11
Why Anime Is And Has Been Important In The West
There has been quite a hate against the japanese cartoon form of anime in the meme community.
People say that "2 nukes havent been enough".
I realized these people are serious.And thats a problem.
Anime is HUGE.
Theres thousands of Animes,due to its popularity in the western world.
Its obvious that there are many black sheeps in there.Examples are Boku No Pico.
But I gotta admit I kinda liked Pico.The dick makes it better.
Two nukes were not enough.
Thats what people say.
But they dont realize that the western love for anime,was the reason it suceeded.
Animes like Spirited Away,were nominated with Oscars and praised over the entire earth.
This opened the gates for the "Toonami Wave".
Japanese Cartoons flooded Western civilizations.
Suddenly kids in america and europe played with Yugio Cards and traded Pokemon.
The animes had simular sucess.
Especially Animes like Dragonball Z,which influenced many childhoods.
In Austria,I dont know a single person who didnt grow up with Anime.
My 23 ye
:iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 2 1
Feminism In A Nutshell by Hobby-Historian Feminism In A Nutshell :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 3 7
Ameno Kumari Ref Sheet
Name | Ameno Kumari  Gender | Female Kitsune
  Height| 1,54 Meter   Weight | 54 Kg Age | 122
Job/Class| History Teacher
Creature/Species | Kitsune
Partner/Pet| None
Personality | Naive, Smart, Kind, Curious, Childish,  Quiet
Bio/History | 122 years ago, Ameno was born as a Kitsune.  She wandered arround in her fox form, watching the Japanese Empire rise during Meijis reign, before falling in World War 2. She was curious to why Humans would killl each other like that. She wandered arround and watched Humans and their lives, studying them for 100 years. When she reached the age of 100, she was able to change into Human form. And thats what she did. She wandered arround Japan,wearing a Fox mask and studying life. But Japan wasnt enough. She travelled through the world, studying History and Humans. She was amazed by the huge amount of History in Europe. She only knew Japan, so this was an entirely new Experience for her. After 22 years of Travelling and studying,sh
:iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 1 0
Smelling like Nuke in here... by Hobby-Historian Smelling like Nuke in here... :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 2 48 How Poland Was Invaded by Hobby-Historian How Poland Was Invaded :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 3 0 YOU BETTER NOT DECLARE INDEPENDENCE by Hobby-Historian YOU BETTER NOT DECLARE INDEPENDENCE :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 1 0 TOP 10 DATING TIPPS FOR WOMEN / WatchMojo by Hobby-Historian TOP 10 DATING TIPPS FOR WOMEN / WatchMojo :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 3 4 REAL SHIT by Hobby-Historian REAL SHIT :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 2 0 UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A GREAT DAY by Hobby-Historian UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A GREAT DAY :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 2 4 JELLY FILLED IS MY FAVOURITE! by Hobby-Historian JELLY FILLED IS MY FAVOURITE! :iconhobby-historian:Hobby-Historian 1 0


Smol Bean by WraithFaith-unstable Smol Bean :iconwraithfaith-unstable:WraithFaith-unstable 5 5 Geist by Nukeshi Geist :iconnukeshi:Nukeshi 20 4 Sketchy Cartography Brushes by StarRaven Sketchy Cartography Brushes :iconstarraven:StarRaven 10,439 763 Bust - Luna by LittleMacarons Bust - Luna :iconlittlemacarons:LittleMacarons 13 1 Mononoke Colour by Jellibot Mononoke Colour :iconjellibot:Jellibot 7 1 Ayano Tateyama Fanart by timotious01 Ayano Tateyama Fanart :icontimotious01:timotious01 11 5 Rawr! -  kurama from Naruto by WraithFaith-unstable Rawr! - kurama from Naruto :iconwraithfaith-unstable:WraithFaith-unstable 4 15 Check The Description by MightyMasterMixo Check The Description :iconmightymastermixo:MightyMasterMixo 4 1 Buzz lightyear by WoddyJoe Buzz lightyear :iconwoddyjoe:WoddyJoe 32 3 DA ID - Updated 2017 by Haranuva DA ID - Updated 2017 :iconharanuva:Haranuva 15 4 Exploration: Mountains by Squidina-ARPG Exploration: Mountains :iconsquidina-arpg:Squidina-ARPG 26 1 Tenshinhan by EliteNappa Tenshinhan :iconelitenappa:EliteNappa 53 8 Iffy by zekom11 Iffy :iconzekom11:zekom11 11 6 Request - Justine by Miyu-chan-x3 Request - Justine :iconmiyu-chan-x3:Miyu-chan-x3 10 3
If a Feminist Were Honest
What if a feminist were forced to say what’s really on her mind, like Jim Carrey’s character in Liar Liar?  This is how a poem by such a feminist might read.
I need feminism because…
Women need more,
Scholarships for college,
New business grants,
Other advantages,
Even though they already outnumber men,
In college and entrepreneurship.
We need more female CEO’s and political leaders,
But not more women in…
Forestry, sewage, or mining,
Truck driving, or taxi driving,
Or garbage collection,
Or more men on magazine covers,
Or higher-paid male models,
Or fewer men dying on the job,
Or fewer men dying in wars,
Or fewer homeless men,
Or fewer male suicides,
Or fewer men in prison.
You see, men losing is sexual dimorphism,
While women losing is sexism.
All women
Should be made EQUAL to
The most successful men
Whether they earn it or not.
That’s gender equality!
I need feminism because…
Fat shami
:iconbatmanwithbunnyears:BatmanWithBunnyEars 185 565
Foolish Samurai Warrior Wielding a Foolish Samurai by MightyMasterMixo Foolish Samurai Warrior Wielding a Foolish Samurai :iconmightymastermixo:MightyMasterMixo 4 4



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Memes and History is all Im about.
I do storys too though, I hope that does count.
Because writing is my most favourite thing,
But when it comes to History Im truly the King.

Knowledge is Power.


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