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Building In A Desert
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Famous building in hot desert sand...
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Comments (68)
tehflyguy's avatar
darn it, i should have left the nukes at home.
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Seraph-2's avatar
Damn you! Damn you, you destroyed it all!
couldn't help it had to throw in the planet of the apes line. :)
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ember1997's avatar
ember1997|Hobbyist Digital Artist
kinda makes me wut to rite a 2012 sorey :3
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JuliMir's avatar
JuliMir|Professional Digital Artist
Great work !

I did photomanipulation on Sydney's only underwater [link]
but yours is much better
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Megaman90's avatar
haha kinda reminds me of Dune.
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Miss-Independant1995's avatar
Miss-Independant1995|Hobbyist General Artist
Is that real, or did you make that? :wow:
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Waku's avatar
very nice !
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NoVacation's avatar
NoVacation|Student Photographer
Stunning work
No words can describe (:
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arielgr92's avatar
arielgr92| Digital Artist
Is it a power plant ?? from a game??

maybe dune or C&C

i like ...good job
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TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
TheMichaelMacRae|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i sincerely hope you're joking.
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crizblade's avatar
reminds me of a film; Dune
this is a breathtakingly awsome picture!

big ups to you :)

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Yamanote's avatar
Yamanote| Photographer
on the right, are these cabbage leaves, starving to death?
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ThelkyStock's avatar
ThelkyStock| General Artist
i personally wouldn't stick the Sydney Opera house in a desert... not many desert-dwellers would have any use for it......
but this does look very cool.
nicely done :]
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AntoineWillaeys's avatar
wow very great work !
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LucK-7's avatar
thats awesome! I love the sand its so realistic =D. Very nice
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abyssus's avatar
Sydney opera house, home sweet home.

Australia becomes Arrakis, interesting connection =)
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HaNaBiUcHiHa's avatar
Simply wonderful! I LOVE it!!!
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truepardox's avatar
truepardox|Professional Digital Artist
remember me the "air trap power generator" of dune
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Zazhenka's avatar
Zazhenka| Photographer
very nice .......
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Hitokiri-EnshiN's avatar
Hitokiri-EnshiN|Student General Artist
ITs like Dune O_________O, I FUC**** LOVE IT!
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deadly-sinful's avatar
very good effect, looks very realistic
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