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Visual Styles 7~Date A Live - Tokisaki Kurumi

By hoangtush
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This is my new theme Tokisaki Kurumi from anime Dale A live
 i make for Windows 7 
Hope you like it :D

Free Download: goo.gl/hxWBV9
© 2014 - 2021 hoangtush
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I can't


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Need astyles.org installation code pls

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@SoliderX Ty you bro. i think i'll not get this theme.
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Link Here :D
Pass For RAR: Astyles.Org
Pass For Installer: 
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aStyle is off....Another link?
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what start orb??? link!!
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What's the password for the exe?
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what is pass of sora otoshimono 01
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I can't see that
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yes pls can u give a tutorial for win 10 :) this theme is rly awesome :)
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hy there =)
is it already working on windows 10? kurumi is my favorites anime character and i love this theme so much <3 and can you plx give me a tutorial how to install this theme plx?
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Hi. Thanks a lot for this, I really liked your theme & I'm already using it. However I lack some stuffs like the picture on the left side of the control panel. And how do I modify the background picture & font color of the context menu when browsing on My Computer (i.e. when you click on the Down arrow at the address bar of your folders) & browsers? Only my desktop's context menu font color (on right click) is white but black on others.

Hoping for your answer, thank you.
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There is no download link on your blog
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can u give me the link to download ur theme?
im wanna so bad, kurumi >.<
please !!
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The theme looks really nice, but the windows explorer backgrounds won't work. I've installed Universal Theme Patcher, then I tried to restore and install it again. No success, after that I installed UxStyle Core no success either.
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does this work for windows 8? and if so can i have a link? :D
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i just need the instalation password, please
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Here you are :


(found on the vietnamian website with patience and google translate ... xD)
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Can you please send me the link i cant find the download link when i went to your directed website as it was written in vietnamese!
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Just log in into facebook and press the connect button on the page. If you use chrome and let google translate do it's thing when the page loads, you will see a "thanks" button below the post. Press it and you will be able to see download links.
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Would it be possible for you to send me the icons?
I can't seem to download anything from the site.
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i find myself not cope on your side

where now is the skin Sad Pony 
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I have Win 7 Home and all what i have is background,Computer and other file skin but dont have Start skin -_-
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you need patch your pc with  UxStyle Core   before use theme
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