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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Contact me for commissions and work ^v^
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My OC.
Another member of Code name V's crew
Vice commander A.J
My OC- Lieutenant commander Ellian
She carries mission under commands of captain V  Code name V by hoanglap
Mystic Constellars - Kaprielse 
Her bio and previous version:  The First Light of creation by hoanglap
A commission done for a client- The cute gurl Mareda
Im open for commissions, contact me via ^_^
Evalutor of Souls
Mystic Constellations- Libra (sub story)

She is known as the Soul Evalutor in Eastern tales. Libra appears as a sign of neither savior nor sacrilege. When a human ceases to exist, their soul wanders aimlessly in limbo. Those lost souls’ destination to either Hell or The Otherworld is determined by not Libra but her scale of truth. If the scale leans to the right, the yellow lantern lights up, the lost soul is good and will be sent to The Otherworld, where the warm light from Libra’s yellow lantern will guide their way. If the scale is tilted to the left, the blue lantern is lit up, which indicates the deformity in the soul. The next journey of the said soul will only lead to Hell, Libra’s blue lantern only makes it ever more eerie and twisted.

Human soul is always influenced by the 4 spirits: Pleasure, Rage , Lust, and Hatred. Those spirits are of the same level in power and playfulness. They always want to show off their power over the others, and the numbers of spirits keep increasing exponentially. That is why living souls are the spirits target as they easily get manipulated and miss-leaded.

Libra, fully aware of the chaos and pell-mell, comes to the human world every year at Full Moon Festival as a mystic vendor. She gives people, especially children, her mystical enchanted lanterns to protect them from evil spirits. The more innocent people are, the more protection they need. Those lanterns shine warm light, bring people joy and are always there as a reminder: for every being, there’s goodness residing within.

People from the East also made their own lanterns from time to time. Although they won’t have the enchanted magic like the ones given by Libra, it became a part of Eatern land people spiritual traditions.
Mystic Vendor version of Libra:
  Mystic Vendor by hoanglap

Close up of Rage, Hatred, Lust and Pleasure 
  Closeup2 by hoanglap 

Libra Closeup 
Closeup1 by hoanglap 

Lore by hoanglap

Since the series is almost finished, I want to update some side stories of the characters.


The first two are Kayleigh (taking the form of Taurus) and Kaprielse (Capricornus). Both represent parts of human beings: one for the power of wisdom and mind, and the other for will and strength. Together, they recreated and ruled the 5 worlds in harmony until Kayleigh lost her visions and desired more domination. Kaprielse had always been able to foresee Kayleigh's dark side, and conflicts between the two were inevitable. In order to create Abyss Doom, Kayleigh used Time and Space portal without knowing that its overwhelming power would destroy her people, even her own planet. In the mist of the raging flight against Abyss Doom, Kayleigh lost her arm. Knowing Abyss Doom's power is unstoppable, Kaprielse sacrificed herself, letting her own body explode, unleasing the power to create another space-time plane that swallowed the darkness and sealed it there for million of years.

However, darkness can not be suppressed and eradicated with such ease. Both Abyss Doom and Kaprielse are not dead. Kaprielse, despite her immense power, could only seal darkness inside her mind, and seals can be broken. As a Goddess can not ever truly die, if the Goddess’ relics are gathered and a holy ceremony is perfomed, Kaprielse can be resurrected, and so as the darkness inside her. Who would know if that would be Kaprielse or the darkness itself.

Cores by hoanglap

As for Kayleigh, she spends her life in regrets. The mistake that she made had taken its toll on her. It cost her a friend that she held dear, even her will to act and to protect what was important. Kayleigh, shrouded with grief, went to Kaprielse temple and acted as her lost friend’s servant. Years after years, Kayleigh protects the temple in solitude without forgeting the promise to relocate the 3 lost relics somewhere over the 5 planets. Not a single day goes by does Keyleigh not want to see her friend again. However, she knows if Kaprielse came back one day, the darkness would come along. Then, she will have to fight against her best friend.

"Until then we will meet " .



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