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Star Wars Controversy Meme by HNBBTF Star Wars Controversy Meme by HNBBTF
Favorite Character - Qui-gon Jinn - I always thought Qui-gon Jinn was a cool character. I've always liked the elder mentor figures, his lightsaber is green my favorite color, he's a bit of a rogue, but for all the right reasons and he's a wise Jedi who was able to become one with the Force. As a kid when me and my friends would play Star Wars I would always choose to be Qui-gon. In many respects Qui-gon Jinn is the main character of my favorite Star Wars movie, Liam Neesons name is the first cast member to appear in the credits.

Despised Character - Rey - Going into the theater I was pretty excited about the character Rey even traded a Snow Trooper soda topper for a Rey soda topper. As many of you are guessing I am very much under the belief Rey is a Mary Sue. Her attitude is off putting and it doesn't seem to amount to anything(although I'll grant maybe it will mean something in future Episodes). She's some super woman who can fly the Millennium Falcon like a boss out of nowhere, speaks every language, everyone loves her for no reason, and masters the Force without any training and puts all other Star Wars characters to shame. This totally destroys any suspense for the character. The moment that ruined the movie for me and with this character was when she used the Jedi Mind Trick. How does she know what that is let alone how to use it.
P.S. If Jar Jar Binks is your most despised character then that is a lazy choice and isn't controversial at all and thus your meme will suck.

Favorite Movie - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Well my opinion of The Phantom Menace is skewed by nostalgia and was the first Star Wars movie I truly watched. Before The Phantom Menace to me Star Wars were these old nerdy movies. When I went to the movie theater I didn't know what movie we had gone to see and when I saw the Star Wars crawl I was kind of disappointed that we were watching Star Wars. Then the actual movie started and I realized this was something totally different and I loved it. It's a big fanciful swashbuckling adventure. The special effects were astounding, the characters were cool like Qui-gon, I thought it was cool that kid like Anakin could save the day(didn't know who he would become when watching). Everything felt like it was on a grand scale from the planets, to the pod race, and epic battle at the end of the movie. I've always preferred movies with a more fun and light hearted fair and I love the tone of the movie. This movie is fun to watch and launched Star Wars for a whole new generation.

Despised Movie
- Star Wars The Force Awakens - Before this would have likely been filled by The Empire Strikes Back. Can't say I despised the movie, but always found it the most boring of the bunch, but The Force Awakens just does so many things wrong as a Star Wars movie and a movie in general. First of all right off the bat it invalidates all the struggle and gains are heroes went through in the Original Trilogy and this because the movies main problem is because it's trying to be Episode IV. So much happens in the movie not because it makes sense from a story perspective, but because that is what Episode IV did. There is rhyming in Star Wars, but never straight up copying. The third act just totally distracts from the main plot of the story. It wasn't necessary and was only done because it was what Episode IV. The movie never breaths and is just action sequence after action sequence, doesn't explain anything. The number of coincidences is astronomical and it's sad because most of them could have easily been written with an explanation, or they could have done something. Han Solo just bumping into Rey and Finn, Rey knowing the Jedi Mind Trick, Maz just having Luke's lightsaber, Poe reappearing out of nowhere, R2-D2 just having the map(are heroes couldn't steal it from Star Killer?) There is so much dissonance between the previous six Epsiodes and TFA. No one is true to their trajectory set in Episode VI instead they've all had horrible lives and been reset and once again all because it wants to be Episode IV. The movie feels more like a corporate cash grab then an attempt at actually continuing the story of Star War.

Overrated Character - Han Solo - Nothing against Han Solo, just never got his appeal. Never thought he was that cool, or interesting of a character. I agree with Harrison Ford, Han Solo is a bit of an idiot. I always liked Luke Skywalker better too. Although considering Kylo Ren now are heroes probably would have been better off leaving Han as Jabba's wall ornament.

Underrated Character - Jar Jar Binks - The only reason this guy became the punching bag of the Star Wars fandom is because a bunch of older fans who were offended that a character intended for children was placed in a movie of a franchise intended for kids. As a child watching The Phantom Menace I thought Jar Jar was funny and most of my friends thought so to. Growing up I never knew anyone who hated the character. Only ever saw hate for Jar Jar from internet neck beards who selfishly think Star Wars should cater specifically to their tastes and no other generation. Hell the character plays some important roles in Star Wars, he leads Qui-gon and Obi wan to Otoh Gunga which leads them to Theed and rescuing the Queen. If he didn't get into that fight with Sebulba are heroes would never have been offered help from Anakin allowing Qui-gon to find out he's the chosen one. He helps build Anakin's pod racer while the droids just watch. He helps unites the Naboo and Gungans, fought on the front lines of the Battle of Naboo, gave the Chancellor emergency powers(which the Senate backed and the Jedi let happen) also if Jar Jar never did that we'd have no Original Trilogy. The Irony of that scene was great. His impact on the Star Wars franchise is greater than that of fan favorites like Boba Fett.

Favorite Game - Star Wars The Old Republic - Star Wars The Old Republic is like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, but just so much bigger. You don't just get one story, but have access to 8 different stories from each class and the game continues to grow and get bigger with new adventures and new stories. While not the biggest fan of the MMO fair it's not too hard to solo this game, or find other players when you need them.

Despised Game - Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset - Not sure if this counts as a game, but all the other Star Wars games I've played I enjoyed. I bought the Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset as a kid because the idea of putting it on a keyboard was cool and I could go on cool space adventures. I thought you could use it to fly around and shoot down enemies and stuff. It was kind of a let down. It didn't do much and mostly just replayed a handful of scenes in Star Wars and you pulled a trigger, or pressed a button to trigger another scene. It was pretty boring and only played with it a handful of times.

Favorite Show
- Star Wars Clone Wars - The Clone Wars miniseries was just awesome. Everything about it was just epic from the choreographed Lightsaber fights to the immense Battles and the animation was beautiful. The conflict they were fighting truly felt like it was being fought on a Galactic scale. It also gave us one of the greatest villain introductions in Star Wars with General Grievous. I was always like the Droids and seeing this new General leading the Droids kicking butt and taking names was awesome after seeing them be beat back in most of the previous media.

Despised Show
- Lego Star Wars Droid Tales - Can't really say I despise Lego Star Wars Droid Tales, but it's just not my cup of tea it's humor never clicked with me, but I'm probably just too old for it although the previous Lego Star Wars movies I found somewhat entertaining. I think the humor can be just a little too simplistic at times. I have a similar attitude towards the Freemaker Adventures. I almost put the RedLetterMedia review because I find all the videos they do to be obnoxious as hell even when I agree with them, but I didn't think they'd count.

Favorite Villain - Count Dooku - I'll admit this was a tough choice between General Grievous, he's ruthless, cunning, vicious, a real threat and he just looks bad ass, but I gave this spot to Count Dooku. The man is a master statesman, an artful manipulator and a powerful Sith. I also always thought his light saber design was the coolest and bought the Count Dooku VFX Light saber as a kid. I also guess I have a preference for older more calculating who are large and in charge and Count Dooku is someone who is large and in charge when it comes to the Separatists. Count Dooku also isn't a total villain to many in the Star Wars universe he's seen as a hero by the Separatists who will save them from the corrupt Republic.

Despised Villain - Sanjay Rash - Sanjay Rash is just too much the typical greedy, insecure, bumbling monarch. At no point in the Onderon arc is he ever a threat and he just does everything wrong. I think this could have been an interesting opportunity to show a different face of the Separatist the people who truly believe in the cause and care about it and you would think Mina Bonteiri supported him since he sided with the Confederacy, but instead he's just some useless puppet of the Separatist who only cares about being King.

Favorite Couple - Jar Jar Binks & Queen Julia - I originally put Padme and Anakin since I think their relationship is the most interesting in all the movies especially since it's also one of the most troubling, but the idea of Jar Jar Binks having a girlfriend and most of his critics probably not was too good to pass up.

Despised Couple - Obi Wan Kenobi & Satine Kryze - I first thought Han and Leia since I find their romance in the first half of The Empire Strikes Back cringe worthy, but it got a lot better by the end of the movie and definitely in Return of the Jedi. The idea of Obi-wan having a girlfriend kind of always felt like fan fiction and this storied and by the books Jedi having a lady in his life always kind of rubbed me wrong. With that said I actually do like the character of Satine Kryze.

Favorite Moment - Return of the Jedi Victory Celebration - This was tough one. I love the celebration scene when Anakin wins the Boonta Eve race, and the Battle of Naboo has a lot of great scenes. I do consider the Anakin immolation scene to be the greatest scene in all of Star Wars, but I can't say it's my favorite. As someone who likes happy endings I had to choose the ending of Return of the Jedi. Are heroes are victorious, Anakin Skywalker is redeemed, the whole galaxy is in celebration and the the whole main cast is together and happy at the end. It was a great conclusion to Star Wars saga that left you feeling all was going to be right in the Galaxy.

Despised Moment
- I know it's not on the meme, but there was a scene where my attitude of TFA really soured and that was when Rey used the Jedi Mind Trick. When she was trying to use it I kept hoping she'd fail and when she finally succeeded I almost yelled bullshit in the theater. How does she know that exists let alone how to use it. It's also a misunderstanding of the Jedi Mind Trick it's not total mind control it's subtle mind manipulation where the target thinks the thoughts are their own and still act normally, not turn into a mindless drone.
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ChroniclesXII Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018
(Sees Rey for despised and Jar Jar for underrated) Wat????? Though I will admit, the Clone Wars series was pretty rad.
tom091178 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
UBob Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree, TOTALLY!
Motiv8mel Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017
Dude I don't care if you hate Rey but why why ObiTine
B2SuperBattleDroid Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017
Dude, you're saying that people who despise Jar Jar Binks have a lazy choice, yet you're calling out Rey as a mary sue, which is also another lazy choice. You don't know how many people think this, picking Rey is just as bland and lazy as picking Jar Jar. I don't despise Jar Jar Binks, but I don't despise Rey either. 
HNBBTF Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017
Well Jar Jar for a long time has received a lot of shade from the Star Wars community and saying he's your most despised character seems more a knee jerk reaction than something people think about anymore. Also it just isn't controversial and well it is called a Controversy Meme. Although I do get a sense that might be changing so maybe not anymore. As to Rey this may very well become the case as well for her. Although I'm not quite sure we're there yet. I also laid out many of the reasons I didn't like the character. I went into the theaters very excited about her and came very disappointed about her.
B2SuperBattleDroid Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
Hey man, I agree, calling out Jar Jar is a lazy choice considering I'm actually a Huge Fan of the Prequels and actually ignored the OT for so long XD 
I believe TLJ will be changing things up so hopefully your opinion changes man 
HNBBTF Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
Sadly The Last Jedi has reinforced my opinions of Rey and I had higher hopes for Rian Johnson than J.J. Abrams. Although I might replace Rey with Rose because at least Rey isn't preaching the directors politics to me.
quebex Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017
jar jar is not under rated lol. people just hates him xD
reader1 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
Jar Jar Binks & Queen Julia when was this?
SimonsArtbookService Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Jarjar is not under-rated. He's just way too over-hated. People dislike him for his annoying voice alone, And honestly it never bothered me as a child. But like yoda he's got a fun speech pattern though not as memorable quotes.
(I take heed of all the lightsabers and guns suddenly pointed at me)
Hear me out.
CeaciliaSolo Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't hate on Rey.
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