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My Bio
Recent graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas. I studied animation, and I'm currently doing freelance illustration and vis dev work until I can get a full time job. Looking for work as a storyboard revisionist/something related to storyboarding. Check out my portfolio website for more:

I used to list all the things I'm interested in, but I've realized that there are few things I'm NOT interested in. But I will say that I'm big on anything animation related, and I'm into a wide variety of films/music/tv shows from the past century. Some current favorites include Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Kim Possible, Star Trek, The Muppets, etc. Silent films are fun. I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks, but lately I've been borrowing my dad's vinyl collection from the 60s and 70s, too.

I really like the 1920s, and I have a nifty collection of vintage hats and dresses. I can drive a Model T Ford as long as it has a self starter, and I am somewhat competent at least understanding German, now. Recently I've been into wearing suspenders and skirts.

Other accounts:
Etsy shop:
Main tumblr:
The personal art tumblr I can't seem to get off the ground lol:

Favourite Visual Artist
Just look through my favorites. All those people are great.
Favourite Movies
Megamind, Beauty + the Beast, Star Trek, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Howls Moving Castle, The Artist, Throughly Modern Millie, Hugo, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, City Lights, and so many more.
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek, MASH, Kim Possible, Columbo, Sym Bionic Titan, Invader Zim, Teen Titans, GRAVITY FALLS AND STEVEN UNIVERSE
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure, George Gershwin, Alexander Desplat, Micheal Giacchino, and various musicians from the 20s.
Favourite Books
Peter Pan, Only Yesterday, Shiver, Inkdeath, Pygmallion (actually a play), Brave New World, The Grapes of Wrath, Eyes Like Stars, Fell, and more.
Favourite Writers
J.M. Barrie, Diana Wynne Jones, Cornelia Funke, J.K. Rowling, Maggie Stiefvater, and Dashiell Hammet.
Favourite Games
The World Ends With You, Professor Layton, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Kingdom Hearts.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS.
Tools of the Trade
You name it. Lately, it's been either pen and ink wash or photoshop.
Other Interests
Everything. O>O


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commented on Tin Man by
That's so awesome! My parents were more . . . vintage movies and M*A*S*H people. We had like . . . entire crates of that show on tape. Haha!

Oh man, Deep Space Nine and Voyager turned out to be my favorites. I really liked Seven of Nine and the Doctor in Voyager, and in Deep Space Nine I ended up liking just about everyone, even characters I thought I would hate. Except Dukat . . . I still don't like him. Which is fine. He's a good villain, but just terrible! Haha! I was always rooting for Major Kira to kick his butt. Have you watched the Tribble episode yet in DS9? I'm pretty sure that's around season 4 or 5, right? The editing is so good in that one . . . Once I put on the original Trouble with Tribbles and then that one back to back for some college friends who didn't even watch Star Trek, just so they could see the editing. Oh, and finale of DS9 was super satisfying, too! Probably my favorite Star Trek show finale. Won't say anything to spoil it!

Ugh, I just like to pretend Nemesis doesn't exist/ it's bad side universe that wasn't supposed to happen. Haha! Although the wedding scene at the very beginning is fairly enjoyable . . . if only because we get to hear Brent Spiner sing. Although, you can alternately get a Brent Spiner singing fix from his album 'Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back' . . .
Tin Man
Haha, thanks! Drawing baby elephants from life first definitely helped when I made this!
Baby Elephant
commented on 's profile
Hey, you bet! You have some rad art! :D
commented on Tin Man by
Wow, that's awesome! I didn't get into Star Trek until they did the reboot movie in 2009, and back then I was only into the Original Series and the first 6 movies (technically I did once see Star Trek Nemesis when I was younger, but it was so terrible, especially to someone who'd never seen anything Star Trek related before, that I blotted most of it from my memory until I had the misfortune of seeing it again in a Star Trek movie marathon).

Several years after I became a fan of TOS, though, one of my college roommates started watching TNG and I got into the rest of it with her. Good memories. I've . . . I've watched just about everything in the franchise now, haha.

But yeah I was really upset when I found out what happened to Tasha! I saw snatches of the first season with my roommie back when Tasha was still alive (and I thought she was really neat), but I didn't really jump in until Data's trial I think? So that was an unpleasant surprise.
Tin Man
commented on Tin Man by
Aw gee, well that has to be changed haha

No worries! Stronger clarity is something I will work to improve in the future. :)
Tin Man