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Laserdot trembles on the skull

By hmwsgx
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Thane observes Shepard's technique. This photo strikes me as adorable, for some weird reason.
I am getting better at posing with guns and not having a trigger finger! Wooo!

I got some amazing photos at SDCC in my FemShep dress!
And yes, if you watched BiowareTV I was the Party Shep *facepalm*. I REGRET NOTHING.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions and people appreciating such a laid back costume--especially since the other costumes at the Bioware contest were so awesome and elaborate! And I did win "creative excellence" for being obnoxious on stage.
Thane got Hudson's judges choice award which is the biggest honor, in my opinion. Well deserved, too! :D

Thane is my friend :icondemifiend:, photo taken by his girlfriend :icondinoramadrama:
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OMG, I love this. I really do! (PS How much would you want for the dress pattern?)

Could we by change get a couple of your cosplay photos for the Thane Fanbook? [link] Details about the project and submission details are on the page. :)
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Oh I would love to submit them! And in good conscious I cannot charge for the pattern--it was made off of a Simplicity pattern that I simply changed the top and added the darts. I keep getting requests for it, so I will see if I have the pattern still--if not I can definitely do a step by step :)
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Of course you keep getting requests. It's a beautiful dress. I'd never be able to pull it off, but I still want it! :D

Ah, a Simplicity alteration! I do that too. I'm making an off-the-shoulder Dancesport costume from a McCall's medieval dress pattern, adding the flaired sleeves, chopping off the shoulder strapsm, and adding the extra three layers of skirt lining, and diamante patterns. :)

And I got your note. :glomp: Thank you! :D
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I posted the info on my journal! :D

Ahhh alterations...always so frustrating but fun :D
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Yeah, though those alterations got to the level of frustrating that resulted in me just putting it aside and out of my mind, and I moved on to my quilted drawer liners.

Woo hoo, info! I'll be right back....
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I :heart: this so much...
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I still love your dress more :3
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You look very good with short hair!
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You were hilarious on Bioware TV - even with that oddball choice of a pre-contest host. I for one always appreciate an out-of-the-box costume idea.
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Haha well thank you so much! I still have not seen the video..but I have heard some very amusing descriptions of me.
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GORGEOUS!! You are a GORGEOUS SHEP!! I mean, the dress is awesome, but the whole look is fantastic! You're so pretty!
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Awwwww...Thank you so much! :iconiloveitplz:
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very badass! <3
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Thane looks so serious lol
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Killing techniques are his business! >:3
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we should keep a tally when he smiles!
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You have nothing to regret! I saw pics of you there and you looked great. Love this pic!
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Thank you so much! :3
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As always, awesome stuff Ms. Hmwsgx!!
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:D Thaaaanks!!
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u just made my fav part of the city look even better by showing ur ME love
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Glad to hear it! I loved those fountains!
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