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Sun - the narrative
Do you remember the first time you saw the sun? I do, figuratively speaking. It was a day quite like any other, dull and grey, until I laid eyes upon what lit the room, the building, the world. Everything was bathed in golden light unlike any I had seen before, the colours of the scenery came alive with whole new hues. For the first time in a very long time I felt like everything was going to be okay. I could endure anything as long as I could stop to rest and bask in her glow every so often. Thus began my life of solar worship.
Launched into her orbit, I, being timid of nature, contented myself with observing her from a distance. The grace of her arc across the sky would imprint itself upon my retinas, and I would attempt to trace her likeness in the sky at night. Her warmth would comfort me through endless winters. I would whisper odes to her under my breath when no one was around, I would build temples in her honour in my dreams, I would wait, patiently, for a chance to reach out an
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Murkdweller III by HMorg Murkdweller III :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0 Murkdweller II by HMorg Murkdweller II :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0 Murkdweller I by HMorg Murkdweller I :iconhmorg:HMorg 1 0
I'm floating down (and deeper)
into darkness.
No beams of light (I am)
completely sightless.
I wanted to discover worlds,
to build my home on solid ground.
This solitude (crushing me)
like the pressure
I have now reached (the bottom)
so cold and dead.
I wanted to find worlds with you,
and now I find them all untrue.
And I retreat to sleep, (I've found peace here)
to my ghastly wet grave. (in this realm deep down)
Closing eyes, ceasing breathing. (I will stop swimming)
Consciousness slips away. (and I will drown)
Nightmares mar my sleep, (I've found peace here)
despair haunts my wake. (in this realm deep down)
Though you did not mean to do so, (I will stop swimming)
your actions made me break. (and I will drown)
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mood: doom by HMorg mood: doom :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0
five days
It had been five days.
I was excited,
I was comfortable.
I was in love.
Then you said
"This isn't working,
We're too different."
Like you knew
What I could've been
For you.
You know I would've loved you
More than anyone or anything else,
You know I would've been happy with you,
You know I wouldn't have
Written this, or a lot of other stuff
That I've come to write over the years.
You know you've contributed
To something I'm occasionally even proud of,
And for that I thank you,
Even if it pains me to think of you,
To think of how I felt for you then,
How I still feel, deep within myself.
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self-portrait 2012 by HMorg self-portrait 2012 :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0
these are ashes, these are roots
Of filth born, into a world of filth,
A king without a throne.
We crawl before you in awe,
You, vermin born to rule us all.
Sickly limbs, filthy claws, my liege,
You are terror in the flesh.
Your promises of bliss are lies.
You feed upon our hopelessness.
And when the light of life is gone,
You welcome us into your maw.
I tremble in the presence of
The scum that has ensnared our minds.
The relics of a time gone by,
What we should have left behind,
Hang like a shadow, blot out the sun,
I curse this world, and yet they smile.
Untold prophets, spewing nonsense,
Seem to herald end of all.
It's upon us, Rat Man rising
Shapes the world into a mockery of what we have evolved to.
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Puolikas oluttuoppi kädessäni lämpenee hiljalleen. Lavalla miehet soittavat. Yksi heistä laulaa, liikaa lauseenvastikkeita, minua ärsyttää. Olen täällä naisen vuoksi, hän seisoo vierelläni. Hän ja hänen ystävänsä. Olemme kaikki osa Semifinalin puoliympyrää. Olen niin yksin siinä kaikkien keskellä.
Voisin tälläkin hetkellä olla istumassa iltaa ystävieni seurassa. Sellaisten, jotka huomioivat minutkin. Miksi siis olen täällä, hänen varjonaan? Mitä oikein luulin? Ja kun myöhemmin kävelen bussipysäkiltä kotiin, tiedän, ettei tämä ollut viimeinen kerta.
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Mature content
fruit fly :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0
Something like 2 hours to sleep.
Don't really know why.
But it bugs me.
At times like this I don't think I should try to write.
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scream by HMorg scream :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0 heavy metal band by HMorg heavy metal band :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 0
skeleton harvester
I scaled a tower of suede
Accompanied by the Morning Star
and I fell (like he did).
Time disappears
In a dream, neverending.
Curves ever changing;
My soul is in peril.
Hell follows me,
Something sideways.
Satan defecates
suns; my eyes bleeding.
The dawn reveals my path,
Spiralling into a void.
Lost, consumed
By nightmares and my flesh,
Like him,
Like you
Made me do.
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Mario Muttonchops by HMorg Mario Muttonchops :iconhmorg:HMorg 0 1

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Has it really been more than two years since my last journal entry? Well, I don't come around here so often anymore, so it's no wonder. Haven't even made much anything worth posting recently, been spending the last year recording Ever Circling Wolves' sophomore album.


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TheLoneJellybean Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been MIA a long time as well, and I've missed you too!
TheLoneJellybean Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thought you might be one to appreciate some of my other work,
I created a separate account because some of my watchers were too close to the situation in my poetry and it was creating issues IRL...I love/hate the internet
HMorg Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
You're right, I am.

Also, if you lived in my town (or I in yours) I'd have asked you out ages ago. Hope that doesn't sound creepy, I just feel like it could've been interesting.
TheLoneJellybean Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, no worries, not creepy at all. I've actually thought the same thing as well.
HMorg Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
TheLoneJellybean Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the favorite :)
gardoll Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009
Hey, thanks for the fav! How are things in Finland, got any snow yet?
HMorg Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
No problem. Actually we finally got some snow on sunday or monday. It'd been 3-0 degrees for I can't remember how long and then BAM! -12. Today it's been -20 and I live in the south. I really could've done without, though. What's it like there?
gardoll Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
It started snowing here tuesday, and still is right as Im typing this! I can't leave my house, our road is covered in snow...that's what it's like living out on the countryside:/
HMorg Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Damn. I'm really glad to be living in a city, even if the centre is far away. And even if I'm gonna have to drive tonight.
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