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June 26, 2007
The slight glow and subtle colours make this fractal great. Talisman V Origin of life is one of the many, many fractal wallpapers created by ~hmn. This artist brings you many choices of fractal wallpaper for your desktop in a variety of colours so you'll never be bored again.
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Talisman V Origin of life

Apophysis 2.5b2 Z+C+

new version widescreen:

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Infinity layered with the present moment equals eternity, which this artwork so well evinces.
Featured on The Daily Croissant at [link]
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Beatiful Picture , loved the colours!
Brukhar's avatar
Beautiful! Featured here: [link]
TheMinx's avatar
oh wow this is amazing! i really like the feathery feel at the bottom reminds me of angel wings
tenko72's avatar
Pretty! I like the colors and how parts of it look metallic like that.
FractalEuphoria's avatar
congrats so much on the DD!:hug:
it's a wonderful piece:clap:
hmn's avatar
thank you my little angel ;)
FractalEuphoria's avatar
you're most welcome!
cooley's avatar
This is beautiful. Congrats on the DD!
Hellstorm1223's avatar
This is great, i love it!
sakatius's avatar
i love how the blue spreads outward from the middle, great feel
C0ALHADA's avatar
Very nice!
Now I'm going to learn how to use Apophysis for sure XD
drvanhelsing's avatar
Wow that is really cool!
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21citrouilles's avatar
Wonderful work. Congrats on the DD. :)
novalink39's avatar
wow, that is totally awesome. It is amazing. Great colors too. Make more!
~jaw drop~ Thank you for my new desktop background!
affy's avatar
awesome work, great job with the coloring
RIPIX's avatar
nice fractal work !
Aireansa's avatar
So very pretty. I love the colors.
chai-green-alyce's avatar
Beautiful, I love things like this. for some reason it takes me back to elementary school and painted butterfly wings...
ChildOfMoonlight's avatar
Wow, that is wonderful!! °o° definetely a great surce of inspiration :)
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