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February 27, 2012
Balloon launcher by *hmn
Featured by SuicideBySafetyPin
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Balloon launcher


tx for the :+fav:

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I'm not a specialist in fractal art but I particularly find it hard to come across "good" 3D fractals. I guess because of the third dimension and the maths that are behind it it's easier to make mistakes.
But this piece here is totally fascinating because it's also communicating with a feel of the surface. The fractal like that looks fragile but that's totally ok. It's reminding me a bit of a jewel or a part of a bracelet. The little "arms" hanging around at the top and bottom of the fractal really makes me want to explore more of the structure of this fractal! (I wish I could also see more of that part)
I think the colors blue and orange are well chosen, together making a complementary contrast. But the conrast could be more intense. The orange is almost getting lost in this picture.
Now the only thing I have to criticize is the "balloon" in the middle of the picture. It seems that due to this stretched form of the balloon a lot of texture information is getting lost and appears in a bad quality. I don't know how to fix this but if you can somehow it would make that image perfect.

Overall a real fascinating fractal that differs from other fractals by its surface feel!
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Nice job!  Very interesting shapes.
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wow! -! - I don't know what else to say - amazing piece
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Really cool image!
l0v3-pAoPu-fRu1t's avatar
Amazing! The colors are so nice :love:
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Hello, your work has been selected to be in #Genuine-ART's Featured Corner.
Have a nice day,

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Looks so real and beautiful.
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lovely piece..congrats :)
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Totally cool find and perfect for a DD! :D
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD!
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This is so pretty!
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NICe! Very Beutiful!
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Call me naive but i have no idea what a "fractal" is. Could someone please explain this as it would appear that it has a lot to do with the image. :) Very cool image either way however, i love the contrast of color and the blur that adds a significant amount of depth :)
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Wikipedia is your friend. :D It's hard to explain it in a short way. I would say it's a digitally created image that follows some mathematical rules. xD
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i see, i was thinking it would be easy to explain but i will take your advice and google/wiki it :) I actually did think it had something to do with math so yay me for that much lol
gr8 one never seen such thing!!!
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Oh I love these colours! Beautiful work.
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amazing colors and intricacy o':
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This macabre, intricate style makes me think this is something you'd see in Coraline. Pretty awesome. Equally awesome is the effect of blue within the whole piece.
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looks soooo real, i thought it was a christmass tree decoration made with a super cool camera but it's graphics...super!
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Congrats for the well-deserved DD! ;-)
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