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Crossover Couples Meme

original by :iconcmara:.

10. Minnie Mouse/Luigi
9. Max (Dragon Tales)/DW Read
8. Cream the Rabbit/Elmo
7. Pinocchio/Emmy (Dragon Tales)
6. Amy Rose/Martin Prince
5. Ariel/Ash Ketchum
4. Rocky J Squirrel/ Sandy Cheeks
3. Lisa Simpson/Tails
2. Rarity/Huckleberry Hound
1. Phoebe Terese/Yamato Ishida
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The only one I can agree with you on is Lisa and Tails.
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Mind if I do a future family with Luigi and Minnie Mouse? I promise I will give credit.
hmcvirgo92's avatar
Well, I don't really ship that couple anymore, but you can do it if you want.
LipstickSuccubus's avatar
HahaaaAaA this made me laugh like crazy Haha
Pikazilla245's avatar
same thing here. :XD:
JENNY-87's avatar
Is it possible to pair each Hanna-Barbera character with the Mane Six?
PetitAnge1's avatar
cool, my favorite is Elmo X Cream^_^
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Thank you for using. Funny thing is ~JusSonic has used Ash x Ariel a few times in his stories
hmcvirgo92's avatar
ikr, my favorite time he used it was in "Mermaid and the Pokemon."
cmara's avatar
:D I read that story too
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