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Hlif-Vindr Pack

[Old Norse hlíf = 'cover, shelter, protection, esp. shield' / vindr = 'wind']

"We are the lightbringers!" 

Hlíf-Vindr is a Felvargs pack dedicated to the help and protection of any and all 'vargs in Ulfrheim. Founded under the ideal that all life is sacred, all members vow to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to aid any in need. Friend, Stranger, or Foe - those who join Hlíf-Vindr promise to leave these labels behind and view all as equals to themselves.

"If you seek our helping paws, raise a lantern high to bathe the night in it's glow. The color of it's light will tell us all we need to know. Red will call our warriors to help with dangers of the physical type. Brown will bring the builders to lend a strong helping paw. Blue to call for food and hunters. Green for watchers, to guard you in the darkness. Purple in times of emotional need. And for those who seek to join our ranks, let the lantern glow gold and true."

Pack Leaders


Kaladin, the Lightseeker 2167 - Alpha [ Sylphier ]
Rysn, the Pure 1929 - Alphess [ Sylphier ]


Severus 958 - Head Provider [ uotterbe ]
Lucky 2165 - Head Caretaker [ RandomAbsol7404 ]
Minerva 1725 - Head Watcher [ CharmysARPG ]
Vurdem 1987 - Head Builder [ Luna-puppy ]
Head Recruiter is currently not filled
Head Warrior is currently not filled

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