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If you have a question, it's best to send a note to my plutoplus1 account for faster results. Otherwise, it could be weeks before I reply on this account :)

Stock Rules/Giving Credit:

Updated: 3/1/15


1) You must send me a link to the finished piece. I ask that you please post a link to your finished piece on any of the stock pieces that you used of mine in your manipulation. I would also appreciate a comment on my main page, but mainly I want that comment on the image used.

2) You must give me (HKStock) credit, either in the notes, on the image or somewhere visible. I don't care if you use my DA icon or just a text link. Credit is all I ask, please.

3) You can use the photos off site *if* you ask permission FIRST *and* I grant permission. I don't have a problem with most sites, but I ask the courtesy of prior notification. Before I will even consider letting you upload a manipulation with one of my photos in it, you must have an identical upload here on DA as well. This includes places like photobucket, tinypic, etc.

CLARIFICATION: What this means is that you have to ASK FIRST, and even then I might deny your request. Just because you ask, it does not grant you automatic permission to use offsite and/or as a print.

4) No sexual/pornographic content may be used with my images. If you have to turn on the "mature content" filter, then you may NOT use my stock with it.

5) You MAY NOT re-post my image with only color or slight changes. Do not even ask if you can upload any of my photos unedited off DA because the answer is no.

6) Please post a link to your work on the stock photo you used of mine. For example, if you used my wolf stock, comment the link to your manip on that particular wolf stock.

7) Please do not post any of my images with swear words on them. If you are unsure what counts as a swear word, ask :)

8) My policy on prints is this: ask first! I typically allow stock that does not have 'people' to be made into prints, but it is a case by case basis. So please do not make a wonderful manipulation with my stock and then ask permission, because I might deny use of it in a print.

9) My stock is purely for fun, nonprofit use - this means no selling! You are not allowed to use my stock in a manipulation, digital art, etc AND resell the new art!

Actually, number 8 is my policy on everything. If you have any questions, please ask. If you are unsure of any rules or would like to see if I would make an exception, please ask.

Thanks for reading!

Current Residence: CA

Tools of the Trade
Rebel T1i, CS3, Canon D10, Bamboo tablet

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Subeta is a fun site where you can adopt virtual pets, dress up a human avatar with thousands of different clothes, play many different games, restock items in the many shops, participate in contests and CosPlays, and make friends on the forums. There are activities for all types of people on Subeta.  One of the coolest new features is that you can design your own item for the site and have it be sold to other players on the site. For those of you thinking this is another site like Neopets, let me reassure you it is not.  Subeta has filters, but they are PG-13 and you are allowed to talk about real life stuff such as politics and religion if
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This is my (plutoplus1's) new stock account!  I will be slowly moving stock images from my main account to this one.  Some of them I probably won't move, like the wolf images, because they are so popular. As a general note, if I have a particular image you would like to use but the angle or pose is wrong, ask me if I have any others in that series, describing what you need.  I typically take multiple shots but only upload my personal favorites on DA. If you like my stock photos, be sure to check out my "real" account (~plutoplus1 (, where I do have other stock/manipulations/photography/writing/a bunch of stuff :) Thanks for looking!
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thanks for faving! :hug:
Used you stock here [link]
Thank you very much for sharing! :heart:
Awesome, thanks for using! Can you please post a link on the stock image of mine that you used as well?
Thanks! And ok I'll do so.
Thank you for the favourite :)
many thanks for the fav :dance:

Greetings Conny
Yay! Thank you for the Llama badge! :D <3