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Pokemon is stealing my life away.

Screenshot at 2014-06-27 03:46:54 by hkkkkals
School's out, time to draw maybe.

Not like I don't have a million things to do otherwise, though.
I should draw more, but I always hate the results, so I never do.

I think that maybe I should draw even worse, hate them more, and try to destroy this emotion.

Sounds like a stellar plan.
Quick rundown of what it is. This is a cross-platform network drawing program. And pretty much the only reasonably good one I can find that supports Linux (my OS of choice) and Windows (everyone else's, including my Mabi husband).
Their site is here
It's sort of abandoned but it works nicely, nonetheless. My only real complaint is that layers are disabled in network mode. They fixed this yay~

Cool this was updated to 0.8.3 :D

To install on Ubuntu you can add the getdeb repo as stated, but you'll probably need to add this one for the QT stuff, too:…

Alright, with a little effort I've compiled the latest version of Drawpile for Windows. You can find it here:…

I compiled for Linux as well but that's less of a butt and considering the variance in Linux it's more difficult to share. However there were some troubles in it so let me briefly explain what I did, to the best of my recollection.

1) Make sure you have git, cmake, qt4, and zlib installed.
2) Clone the git repo: git clone
3) cd Drawpile
4) mkdir build
5) cd build
6) cmake ..
7) nano src/client/CMakeFiles/drawpile.dir/link.txt
8) Add -lz between -lQtCore and -Wl
9) Save (Ctrl+O) and quit (Ctrl+X)
10) make
11a) sudo make install
or 11b) su root && make install
12) For me, it installed to the wrong place so I did: ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib64 - Good idea? Probably not..

AS A SPECIAL BONUS here's the .desktop file I made for it. Save it to ~/.local/share/applications/drawpile.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Collaborative drawing program
Comment=Draw pictures with others over the network
Art class over, still too lazy to post all the pics. Haha. It's such a pain to photograph such large drawings. There are really only a couple more I care to share, anyway.

I'm pleased with my performance in the class, though. The teacher took a picture of the melted candles one as an example for future classes, and I think of that as some kind of high honor even if it probably isn't.

Anyway, that being over with, and my not having any plans for a future art classes, what I post (if I post, hehe) will just be my own hobby work. Time to figure out to to compile the latest Drawpile for 64bit Windows so my Mabi hubby and I can draw together. :d
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Oh so I'm in an art class now. Expect pics when I get off my lazy ass and photograph them.

Also, I've joined a pen and paper game, and due to the artistic talent of the group, I may be learning to draw better with my tablet.
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Just started here and will be posting my progress in learning how to draw well as I go.
For now just expect line art, maybe some CG work.

That's all for now, tata. ^_~
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