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The adventures of Br2

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I'm kind of surprised he accepted this for full credit since it's not really a concise model (nor did I take it seriously like the instructions specifically stated). But he's a pretty awesome teacher with a great sense of humor so~

Yes I realize that is only the amount of the electrons for Br in the first panel, not Br2. Would you draw that many electrons? Didn't think so!!

The text reads:

Scene 1: Once upon a time, Br2 was very happy, living in harmony with its electrons.

Scene 2: But then, the world shook!!

Scene 3: Two I- passed nearby Br2, he saw their electrons and coveted them.

Scene 4: He brewed a plan in his tiny, atomic mind
Subtext: Muahaha

Scene 5: He proposed to their electrons and attracted them to himself
Subtext: NOO!!

Scene 6: But his plan came at a cost and he split into two Br- instead.
But they were happy with that.

Scene 7: The iodines were very sad without their extra electrons.
Subtext: We're not like nobles anymore!

Scene 8: But they noticed each other, and knew how to be happy again

Scene 9: They bonded covalently by sharing electrons with each other. THE END
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