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Pokemon mini Game Concept: Beatmania by hkkkkals Pokemon mini Game Concept: Beatmania by hkkkkals
So I figured I might as well post concept art I draw. It's still art after all, right?

Pokémon mini is a handheld console that I develop for sometimes. You can check its wiki page for more info.

I thought a Beatmania-style game for it would be cute, so I whipped this up. The idea would be similar to the Beatmania Pocket games, but obviously the controls would be slightly different. It might not work so well since the PM has a joined D-pad, but perhaps songs written considering that would be fine.

For songs, essentially the song is written with an internal logic. It's split up into segments where 1-2 instruments are chosen for use on the field, and the left five buttons play certain notes on that instrument. C is the turntable and has a different function, basically just plays a scratch noise or mixes the sounds (I don't remember). Therefore, if the user plays extra notes, or misses a note, it's actually logical rather than when games just play a bad note to indicate the failure. (This is how the pocket games work.)

The PM's sound is pretty limited so it might be tough to make a proper system to handle that. Not something I care to do anytime soon.

The upper right screen is animated. In the Bemani games, sometimes it plays videos there (I believe it's even a smaller resolution than what I've allotted on this screen), other times it just plays generic loops. I imagine this Pikachu I've drawn nodding his head to the beat. I will nickname him Wubachu~

My idea for the electric charge gauge, well, obviously it's the play quality gauge. But I'm thinking that the story could be that you're charging up the DJ Pikachu for his attacks or something. :3 It's just silly.
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November 24, 2012
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