A Death of The Sorceress

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There's a dangerous feeling in the air.
With all of these people gathered around.

That stare...

A nervous motion,
a closing in...
A fearful notion
preceeds a sin.

There's a deathly chill in the air;
the intent to kill in their stare.

With knife in hand
they make their stand.
Though unprepared,
worries are spared.

Despite one hand shaking, one deed is complete.
There is no mistaking, that before defeat,
another must die.

Suddenly a cry
from the only one who didn't know,
she was certainly the next to go.
Okayyy, I don't usually write poetry. I think this is the first one I've written outside of academics. And it's..kind of weird, probably.

This is a poem about a ritual murder of two women, and specifically about the first murder of the two. The girl that will be killed next walks in on the murder as it's ending, but she won't actually be killed for two more days, and is the only one who doesn't know what's going on. It's based on a scene from a dream I had a long time ago. It's a really absurd storyline that I sort of hope to make into a visual novel someday, so I won't ruin it, just in case! It's enough to say that the first girl is designated the "Sorceress" and the second as the "Prophetess". These titles don't really mean much. Also, this scene is set at a high school. I'll leave the rest to anyone's imagination.
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