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RWBY x UDD: Capacities

[[ RWBY x UDD ]]
Ruby, Weiss, Blake, & Yang portraits

A RWBY and Up Dharma Down tribute/crossover.

RWBY © Rooster Teeth & Monty Oum
Capacities © Up Dharma Down (UDD)
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© 2013 - 2022 hjpenndragon
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Liek'd to see you recreate this in a Demon Days style
KuletXCore's avatar
WELP. Just saw your profile.

Up Dharma Down is a filipino band though.
As a filipino, I approve.
hjpenndragon's avatar
Yes, I know UDD is a Filipino band. :)
charlolitcute26's avatar
how did u do this?
hjpenndragon's avatar
well i took the side view image of the 4 girls and then traced out their hair and face shapes in photoshop. i then made the colors according to their color scheme and added their emblem inside instead of an animal persona like what UDD did in their original album cover. :D
Hinonoona's avatar
Would it be alright to use these on a shirt, if I credited rooster teeth and you?
Smartanimegirl's avatar
Looking at Weiss, I feel like there's something missing on her... o.o
I think it's probably that little crown accessory that holds up her ponytail. o^o

Other than that, these are really awesome portraits~
KeyBladeJoJo's avatar
Awesome design :) if you have the time, you could go on my and see it merged with jnpr.
I would very much like your feedback :)
hjpenndragon's avatar
thanks so much. :D

oh! please link back to where you got the images. thanks. ^^v
hjpenndragon's avatar
no, no, no. :D i saw it already.

i mean, in your description, please put and/or link back to where you got the images. :D
thanks so much in advance. ^^v
KeyBladeJoJo's avatar
Ok :) they're in the description
S7alker117's avatar
This is seriously awesome!
Great work! :)
hjpenndragon's avatar
thank you so much! much appreciated. :iconcblushplz:
S7alker117's avatar

Also, the show is incredibly fun. ^^
hjpenndragon's avatar
MadamePUNK's avatar
Great idea!
moodyisajerk's avatar
RWBY & UDD in one artwork. ♥ 
hjpenndragon's avatar
RWBY & UDD love. \m/
PandaZombiebro's avatar
:heart: this is wonderful!
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