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RWBY: Emblems || Insignias

So I noticed that no one has made any vectors and/or high resolution logos yet of the character emblems shown in RWBY----SO------I decided to make it and share it with others! :iconadorableplz: :iconblushplz: Also, so that I won't go through all the trouble of vectoring each emblem whenever I want to use them. :iconlaughingplz:

Enjoy! :icononiwhistle: Please do link back here and let me know if you're going to use them and/or if you're going to share this to other sites! :D

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This is a FULL vector package/set of the emblems/insignias of the characters from the series RWBY by Rooster Teeth and *montyoum.

There are 15 files in all: 1 Illustrator file containing all of the emblems shown in the preview image and 14 separate EPS files of the said emblems.

-RWBY [Emblems] - Illustrator file

Team RWBY [Folder - 5 EPS files]:
-Ruby Rose
-Weiss Schnee
-Blake Belladonna
-Yang Xiao Long
-RWBY title

Team JNPR [Folder - 4 EPS files]:
-Jaune Arc
-Nora Valkyrie
-Pyrrha Nikos
-Lie Ren

OTHER Characters [Folder - 5 EPS files]:
-Professor Ozpin
-Glynda Goodwitch
-Roman Torchwick
-Cinder Fall
-Adam Taurus

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

RWBY Character Emblems / Insignias
RWBY © Rooster Teeth and *montyoum
hjpenndragon / Horseradish ©2013
© 2013 - 2022 hjpenndragon
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I think someone stole your design..:…
MarshalJimmyRaynor's avatar
Love all the emblems, even the ones that aren't here.
Sanokal's avatar
The oddest stuff pops up that's apparently related to my building instructions...ah well, screw it, I love RWBY, and these are neat.
TerribilisScriptor's avatar
wait who had the white gears in green?
LilacLilly30's avatar
Sorry not Weiss , Ozpin has the green gears
genoinksans's avatar
Can someone explain what each symbol means
JW-Gojifan's avatar
I don't wanna over complicate my characters symbols. Each is based off a dragon so should their symbol represent their dragon element?
56horse's avatar
Awesome!!! Love The symbols.
Groomsman's avatar
Who's emblem is between Glynda's and Cinder's
hjpenndragon's avatar
It's Torchwick's. :)
Sushilover37's avatar
Jaune's is with the yellow background with the arch 
That is pretty awesome
azariahrobinson's avatar
TheSleepyDrawer's avatar
I think it is the yellow one.
tomytieneblas74's avatar
I gotta make my own insignia one of these days. :)
SonicXD81's avatar
And where can I find/download these?
hjpenndragon's avatar
it's on the right side of the screen. there should be a 'Download ZIP file' or something else similar there.
catarinasbm's avatar
Thank you so much for this. It's really nice 
EmberQuill's avatar

I used these in covers for several stories over on I credited you and linked back here from my profile. I hope that's okay, since I didn't ask first. If not, let me know and I'll remove the cover images.
hjpenndragon's avatar
you can use them. :D thank you so much for linking back here.
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